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2016 Election

Hillary Clinton Campaign in Turmoil as New York Threatens to Vote for Bernie!

Written by Onan Coca

Hillary Clinton is losing her grip on the Empire State, which has her entire campaign terrified of what could be coming next. “Bernie” Bernard Sanders has dominated the last five primary contests and is surging nationally, even in the states that should be firmly in Hillary Clinton’s corner (like New York).

The New York Post explains:

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are locked in a surprisingly competitive battle for New York, with a poll on Thursday showing that the Vermont senator has closed to within 12 points of the former first lady — who only recently led by 48 in her adopted home state.

The Quinnipiac University poll shows Clinton leading 54 to 42 percent heading into the New York primary on April 19, when 291 delegates are at stake.

That’s a dramatic shift from two polls earlier in March — an Emerson College survey that showed Clinton crushing Sanders 71-23 and a Siena College poll with her ahead 55-34.

On MSNBC, Bloomberg’s John Heilemann argued that while Hillary Clinton is the undisputed frontrunner, the campaign is in more peril today than at any point previously.

I do not believe she does, and I do not think the Clinton campaign thinks she does. She will come in here as the frontrunner, without a doubt. She has a strong hold on a lot of constituencies that matter a lot in New York City.

But Sanders will be a very strong candidate upstate; he will play well on Long Island, in both Brooklyn and Queens.

She will be the frontrunner — and likely so, she’s won statewide twice. But that was ten years ago, and Sanders I think will give her a run for her money…

Which is why Hillary Clinton has been here in New York and not in Wisconsin.

Keep an eye on New York — if Hillary Clinton loses there, she’ll be in a world of electoral trouble.

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