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2016 Election Politics

Half of America Still Approves of President Obama and it’s Bad for America

Written by Nicholas Wishek

The most recent Real Clear Politics’ poll average has President Obama’s approval rating of 48.3% which is slightly higher than his disapproval rating of 47.2%. That is absolutely mind boggling. There have been presidents I’ve disapproved of in my lifetime. Presidents Nixon and Carter for sure. There have been presidents such as LBJ and Bill Clinton I’ve not been totally happy with as well. There has been no president in my lifetime or in the history of our country that has done a worse job at being president than this one. As bad as they were Buchanan, Grant, and Harding at least loved their country. Obama has shown time and time again he doesn’t. From his Apology Tour in 2009 to his recent comments in Cuba, the President clearly believes that much of the world’s problems are the direct result of actions by the United States.

Considering that President Obama’s failed policies both at home and abroad that have damaged and endangered this nation you would expect his approval ratings to be, at best, in single digits. More people are on Food Stamps and out of the work force than ever before. Our Health Care is in chaos and is impeding our economy. In January a new Rasmussen Reports survey found that 50% of American Adults now think race relations in this country are getting worse while only 20% believe race relations are getting better in spite of our African American president. Abroad terror attacks are increasing worldwide, ISIS is in control of large areas of Syria and Iraq, Russia has annexed Crimea, and China is expanding in to the South China Sea. Yet, Secretary Clinton is basically running as Obama’s third term, because a majority of this country are still drinking the Obama “Hope and Change” Kool-aid.

The main reason for this is the nearly total sell out by the major media. This would include both the news media and the entertainment media. They didn’t vet Obama prior to his initial election. We never heard about his connection to convicted terrorist Bill Ayers. Nor did the media worry about how Obama could call an anti-American pastor, Jerimiah Wright, his spiritual advisor. He belonged to Wright’s church for twenty years and somehow didn’t know the pastor’s opinion of America?  The media didn’t report his lackluster political achievements in either Illinois or in the U.S. Senate. The media protected him throughout the debacles and scandals of his first term and shielded him during his reelection. During a live Presidential debate in 2012 moderator Candy Crowley defended Obama’s spin on Benghazi, wrongly contradicting Governor Romney and negatively influencing both that debate and the subsequent election. This pattern has continued during Obama’s second term in spite of his dreadful record and bad decisions.

The Real Three Stooges - Obama, Hillary Clinton, BidenAlthough Hillary Clinton may not wind up as the Democrat nominee given the possible criminal indictment looming over her use of a private email server, an emergency candidacy of a Biden/Warren ticket or a Bernie Sanders upset candidacy are just as dependent on cashing in on the Obama media driven popularity. Clinton and Biden would basically continue Obama’s policies pretty much as they are, while Sanders has said he would advocate for an even more progressive administration. If Obama’s popularity can be ridden to yet another Democrat our nation may not be able to recover to anything nearly equal to our 20th century successes. While Obama’s socialist world view is heavily influenced by his early Islamic upbringing in Indonesia no other current Democrat potential candidate much likes traditional American values either. They share a distain for capitalism, excuse radical statements by groups like Occupy Wall Street and Black Lives Matter, and endorse the kind of multi-culturalism that is currently causing Western Europe such severe problems. Given the continued protection of President Obama by the major media resulting in his continued approval in spite of everything it would be unrealistic to expect the media to treat any potential Democrat any differently. That is bad for America.

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About the author

Nicholas Wishek

Nicholas Wishek. Retired teacher. 40 years classroom experience. Served in California National Guard 6 years. BA in history, MA in education. Married 35 years. Two sons. Many columns published in OC Register 2009-2014.

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