Another Attack on Christmas!

What is it that secular humanists have against Christmas? It seems that every year there are at least a handful of stories about some secularist Grinch’s who are out and about seeking to ruin everyone else’s holiday fun. In a culture that has turned its back on the God of the Bible and the morality taught in His Word, you would think that the secularists would have already claimed victory and moved on. But nothing could be further from the truth; instead they continue their attacks on the last and simplest vestiges of Christianity in our culture – our holidays.

This year’s earliest contender for “the Grinch that stole Christmas” is the American Humanist Organization. A charter school in Colorado, the SkyView Academy, is being sued by the humanist organization because of their decision to participate in Operation Christmas Child, a ministry of Samartian’s Purse. Operation Christmas Child takes shoeboxes filled with goodies (toys, school and toiletry supplies, and other necessities) and hands them out to children living in poverty in third world nations. In short, they give Christmas to hundreds of thousands of needy children every year.

operationchristmaschildThe humanists just couldn’t have that, could they? So they sent a letter to SkyView Academy (as well as another school in South Carolina) demanding that they cease and desist or they would be sued. “Because they don’t like the message that we convey under our religious liberty, they have to shut us down and that is a tactic of bullying,” she said. “They don’t believe in equal access. They believe in shutting down anybody who doesn’t comply with their view of what society should be – and that is completely godless.”

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Knowing that they didn’t have the wherewithal to fight a court battle, SkyView (and the school in South Carolina) both called off their efforts. However, that didn’t stop the kids and families at SkyView from getting involved.

… The students at SkyView decided to defy the humanists.

On Wednesday afternoon, hundreds of students and parents and well-wishers staged a grassroots act of defiance. And while they meant to send a message to the humanists – it was really about making sure poor children had toys on Christmas day.

“The young people weren’t concerned about the politics of it,” Unruh told me. “They were asking, ‘what about the kids?’”

Instead of collecting the shoe boxes inside the school – the students just moved their entire operation outside – on a public sidewalk.

Volunteers loaded shoe boxes into trucks and vans, while students held a religious liberty rally – hoisting signs condemning the humanists.

colorado-toy-driveThe humanist group attempted to defend itself from cries of being a “Grinch.” They claimed that it was all about upholding the constitution and everyone’s freedom of religion. Sadly, their rhetoric is simply a lie. The drive to participate in Operation Christmas Child was student led, not school led. Participation was voluntary, and in no way affected the religious liberty of any students. Most importantly, there is no Constitutional imperative separating public entities from religious activities. It’s just not there. The Bill of Rights says, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” That’s very different from some school allowing its students to collect toys and sundries for poor children in the third world. Sadly, this is how the humanists operate – they twist words, and threaten those who cannot defend themselves, to get their way.

Thankfully, the good families of SkyView Academy in Colorado didn’t let those threats stop them from making sure that some poor children a world away could have a Merry Christmas.

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