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Rush Limbaugh Wonders if Pro-Life Activists should Start Acting Like Anti-Trump Activists

Written by Onan Coca


In what has to be one of my favorite Rush Limbaugh riffs in quite some time, the conservative radio stalwart openly wonders how liberals would react if pro-life activists started acting like anti-Trump protesters.

It’s a fair question. The left and the media (but I repeat myself) enjoy pretending that conservative pro-life activists are somehow violent and angry, even though no evidence exists to support their premise. On the other hand, these same pundits seem to have no problem when mobs of anti Trump protesters descend on Trump campaign events with their violence and hateful rhetoric.

Maybe it is time conservatives stop taking the high road and began acting more like our opponents?

From Rush Limbaugh’s Website:

We are in the midst of the official, long hoped for, long-awaited transformation of this country from capitalism to socialism by the left and the Democrat Party. They’re not just going to abide by the results of an election if they lose it. They’re not gonna sit by and let this happen. And they never have. They have always used what is commonly called public protest or dissent or what have you. What it’s become now borders on criminal behavior. 

Let me give you an analogy to explain what I mean. Let’s take protests at abortion clinics. Let’s say protests at Planned Parenthood. What are the rules for those? Well, Planned Parenthood’s what? It’s a private company, whatever you want to call it, organization. It’s private. It isn’t public. So anybody that wants to protest what goes on in there cannot walk in and start harassing employees and start beating up employees. They have to stay outside the building, in many cases they’re required by law to stay a few feet away.

Imagine what you would do, imagine what Obama would do, imagine what anybody would do if anti-abortion protesters stormed Planned Parenthood facilities, actually went inside and started beating up people that work there and trashing the place. Do you think anybody would say, “It’s the time-honored art of American dissent. Isn’t it wonderful? Look at what these protesters are doing.” No. It would properly be called criminal behavior. There would be arrests, and the cops or anybody would go in there and kick them out and get rid of them, forcibly remove them, as should be the case. 

Well, it’s the same thing at a Trump rally or any of the other rallies. These are private events. They are not rallies held by an American politician open to the public. They are private rallies paid for by the candidates. They rent the arena. They have to provide security. The Secret Service does not go into the crowd and keep order. The only thing the Secret Service does is react to what they think might be a threat to the person that they are assigned to protect. And in this case, it’s candidates.

So if somebody storms a stage, yeah, they’ll go into gear and they’ll get into action. If they hear somebody make a threat against the candidate they’ll take action. But if there are fisticuffs out in the crowd, Secret Service doesn’t touch that. That’s up to local security, local law enforcement and whatever private security the candidates have purchased. And in no instance is a protester allowed to come in there and do what they’ve been doing without being kicked out and arrested. But that’s not how this is portrayed. This is portrayed as normal, everyday American people protesting what they think is the dangerous Donald Trump. These are purposefully planned and executed strategies to disrupt these events. 

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