And Now for Something Completely Different: Good News

On this Thanksgiving Day weekend, let’s spend some time focusing on the Good News in the world. And Now for Something Completely Different: Good News…

Bounty Hunters Extraordinaire

Even Dog could learn something from Michelle Esquenazi. She is an entrepreneur who owns a bounty hunting concern that tracks down runners for bail bondsmen. Most of her employees are female and not ordinary females. They are young and delicious type ladies. When Michelle finally tracks a runner down, she sends one of her bounty hunting specialists to complete the capture. When the runner opens the door, he is faced with a beautiful woman with a seductive smile, wearing seductive clothing who offers him something wonderful. The guys, being guys, drop their guards and that’s when the handcuffs go snap!

In the case of a female runner, Michelle sent a very handsome black fellow with a well-oiled bare chest. It absolutely worked.

Michelle is quoted as saying, “The thing about defendants is no matter who they are–they can come in white, black, green or purple polka dots. They’re all dumb. Every single one of them is stupid.”

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Co-Workers Share $1M Lottery Jackpot with Jennifer

Jennifer Maldonado had only been working at Keller Williams Partner Realty in Plantation, Florida for three weeks when 12 of her co-workers who had pooled their money for lottery tickets won $1,000,000. Jennifer had not contributed to the winning ticket because she had yet to receive her first pay check. At home, Jennifer had an autistic son and other responsibilities, and she just felt that she couldn’t put $20 in the lottery pot the morning it was collected.

Several of the ladies offered to loan her the money, but Jennifer declined. She was obviously a frugal person and disinclined to get herself into even a small debt that early in her employment at the office.

lotteryBut the day that it was revealed that the girls had a winning one million dollar ticket, the others decided to include Jennifer in the prize anyway. “Jennifer joined our team on March 8, and we felt that she became a part of our family at that point,” one of the ladies told Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie on TODAY.

When Lauer asked them whether some of the girls were reluctant, the answer was that it took less than a minute for everybody to come to an agreement. They now feel that the whole event was a blessing not only for Jennifer, but also for the rest of them to really know what it meant to share with someone who obviously had needs. Jennifer will not receive a full $83,333 share, but the girls will be giving her more than $5,000.

On a survey was conducted to determine how viewers felt about this generosity. Forty-one percent they would not share. Forty-one percent said it depended upon the circumstances, and eighteen percent said they would definitely share.


Coach Calls Touchdown Back on His Own Team


The previous story reminded me of something I remembered from when I was only a kid, even before I went to high school.

I did much of my growing up in a small town (10,000 population) in Winfield, Kansas, about 50 miles south of Wichita. Southwestern College, a Methodist college, has trained many teachers during the decades that it has been part of that community.

During a football game, back in the 1940s, a Southwestern running back tucked the ball under his arm and ran about fifty yards for the touchdown that would have been the winning touchdown for Southwestern. The path of his run started at the opposite side of the field from the Southwestern bench and then arced to just in front of the bench and then crossed the goal line.

touchdownAfter the official signaled the touchdown, the Southwestern coach called the official over to the bench. The coach explained that when the back ran past the bench, he stepped out of bounds and he wanted the touchdown to be rescinded. The official agreed to coach’s request, and Southwestern eventually lost the game.

This story was written up in the Reader’s Digest for all America to read. There was some criticism of the coach, but that criticism was soon silenced. Parents all over the Midwest came to Winfield to meet the coach and enroll their sons at Southwestern so that they could play for such a gentleman who puts decency and honor ahead of winning football games.

I have told this story many times over the years, and the reaction of people is pretty evenly divided between people who feel that coach was a fool and those who feel the coach was a great example that we need more of for our young people.

Draw your own conclusions.


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