Knockout Game’s Other Danger

If you’ve been paying attention to conservative news sites, you’ve noticed the growth of a terrifying new trend called “the knockout game.” Well, now a couple of months after first being reported on conservative sites, the mainstream media is starting to pick up the story of the game’s popularity. If you haven’t yet heard about the knockout game, here is a short primer to catch you up.

The “game” is seeing growing popularity in inner cities in the eastern half of the country. New York, Chicago, Washington, D.C. and Philadelphia all have numerous complaints, and several of these attacks have ended in the victim’s death. While conservatives have been sounding the warning bell for quite some time, it may have taken longer for the main stream media to pick up because of the racial component. Thus far, the attacks have featured groups of African-American teenagers assaulting mostly white victims. (As the game continues to grow in popularity, the racial tendencies will likely change, but so far, this may be part of the media’s silence on the issue.)

Until now the knockout game has primarily been a danger for the victim, but as a new cases show, players in the game may be taking their own lives in their hands.

Back in February a man in Lansing, Michigan was waiting for his daughter to be dropped off at a bus stop when a group of teenagers approached. One of them jabbed him in the side with a Taser in an attempt to “knock him out.” Fortunately for the man, the taser did not work. Unfortunately for the teen attempting to assault him, the man’s gun did. Upon realizing what was happening, the man drew his legal concealed firearm and shot his attacker twice: once in the leg and once an inch from his spine. The teen was arrested and will now spend a year in jail for the attack, but he knows that he got off easy.

marvell-weaver“It was just a lesson learned. I wish I hadn’t played the game at all.” The teen “says it’s not gang related, teens are playing it because they’re bored.” Plus, they’ve been seeing others doing it and getting away with it on the internet. He says he used to play it because he was usually dared, while high and with a bad group of friends. “They weren’t my normal group of friends. Someone just throws it out there and people go along with it. One thing leads to another and it just goes all downhill,” said Weaver.

The teen from Lansing, did indeed get off easy. Had the bullet hit his spine, he’d likely have been paralyzed for life. Or had the bullet hit a few inches in either direction, he may have died.

People who feel threatened are going to defend themselves and the knockout game is terrifyingly threatening. Perhaps a few more responses like this will encourage teens considering playing the knockout game to find some other forms of entertainment…


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