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A Little Joke: Where Does Obama Belong?

Written by Onan Coca


From time to time I receive email forwards from our readers and one of the recent ones actually sounds like something my dad might have said and/or laughed at. I got a good chuckle from the joke and thought y’all might enjoy it too. I can’t find a source (the earliest mention I can find is from 2012), so I’ve labeled it from anonymous but it’s simply titled; Where to put #44?

Where to put #44

Presidents who have had an impact on our history have their picture displayed on our currency.  The question is, where should the picture of # 44 go?

Where, oh where — to put Obama’s picture.

George Washington, our nation’s first president and leader of the American Revolution!


Abe Lincoln, honorable leader who pulled our nation through its darkest time!


Alexander Hamilton, founding father, first Secretary of the Treasury and leader of the constitutional convention!

Andrew Jackson, “Old Hickory fought the British in New Orleans !

Ulysses Grant, Union army general, led the North through the Civil War!

Ben Franklin, genius inventor, political theorist and leading author of the Constitution.

Barack Obama, guided the nation through the slowest and weakest economic recovery since the Great Depression, taking the number receiving Food Stamps to new highs.


Finally, we have someone to put on the food stamps!

Obama’s policies have put more people on welfare than any president before him, so this placement is most appropriate. Unlike the Nobel Peace Prize, for which he did nothing, this is an “honor” he richly deserves.


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