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2016 Election

Donald Trump Calls on Marco Rubio to Drop Out of the Presidential Race!

Written by Onan Coca

Following his lackluster (but still better than Senator Marco Rubio’s) night on “Super Saturday”, GOP frontrunner Donald Trump took to the stage in West Palm Beach, Florida to demand that Marco Rubio (R-FL) drop out of the race. On Saturday Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) dominated the race in Kansas and Maine, while Trump barely defeated Cruz in both Louisiana and Kentucky. For his part, Rubio was able to beat Governor John Kasich in 3 of the 4 races, but he ran weaker than expected in every race. It was not a great day for Trump, but it was an awful day for Rubio.

I think Marco Rubio had a very, very bad night, and personally, I would call for him to drop out of the race. I think it’s time now that he drop out of the race. I really think so. I think it’s probably time. 

I don’t think tonight he can get up and rant and rave. And, oh, he did great. He comes in third. Every time he comes in third or fourth — you’ve got to be able to win. He has not been able to win and I think it is time he drops out.

I would love to take on Ted one on one. That would be so much fun. Ted can’t win New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, California. I want Ted one-on-one, okay?

Rubio and TrumpSo, I think one of the reasons we did so well tonight, and so strong, is we really had a good debate. I think we did very well. I was hit from every side, every angle that you can be hit from, very viciously, but I think we did well in the debate.

I do say this. We are marching along, and I think we are doing well in Florida. Today, I was in Orlando. We had a group of at least 20,000 people. We had to send 10,000 people away, and the place was packed. It was an amazing day. I love the people of Florida. It’s my second home. We’re in Florida tonight. I just want to thank Florida for being just incredible, and I’m looking at the poll numbers.

Even though I’ve never seen any human being hit with more negative commercials than I’m being hit with — I’m telling you, no human being should have $40 million spent on negative commercials, and despite that, we have a lead in Florida.

I think we are going to do well in Ohio. I worked when I was a young guy… in Cincinnati. I think we are going to do fantastically in Ohio. I love the people of that state.

The biggest story in all of politics is it even what is happening tonight and on Super Tuesday, but the biggest story is the tremendous outpouring of voters coming into the Republican party.

You are seeing what is happening. Millions and millions of people are coming in and voting, and you’ve never seen anything like it before.

So, is Donald Trump right? Is it time for Marco Rubio to call it “quits”?

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Onan Coca

Onan is the Editor-in-Chief at Romulus Marketing. He's also the managing editor at, and the managing partner at You can read more of his writing at Eagle Rising.
Onan is a graduate of Liberty University (2003) and earned his M.Ed. at Western Governors University in 2012. Onan lives in Atlanta with his wife and their three wonderful children.

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