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2016 Election

Newt Gingrich Argues that Chris Christie’s Endorsement is a Very Big Deal

Written by Onan Coca


Former Speaker of the House and Republican presidential candidate, Newt Gingrich (R-GA), appeared on Fox News to talk about the rise of Donald Trump and the importance of the recent Chris Christie (R-NJ) endorsement of the businessman. Gingrich argued that Christie’s endorsement could be a major turning point for Trump’s candidacy because it provides political legitimacy for his campaign. Gingrich also warned the GOP establishment, as well as conservative leaders, not to take the endorsement lightly because it could be indicative of Trump’s overall momentum. He pointed out that Christie just happened to endorse Trump on the same day that Maine Governor, Paul LePage, (R-ME) offered up his endorsement. These endorsements could be just the beginning of a coming avalanche of support for the GOP frontrunner.

Here’s what Gingrich had to say:

I think it’s healthy to go for another couple weeks. All this talk about stop Trump Super PACs and assaults on Trump’s character, these are nonsense. Governor LePage of Maine has also endorsed Donald Trump. These are both Northeastern governors. This is not a right/left kind of fight in the traditional sense. This is about people want to dramatically change Washington and are willing to go with somebody that’s very, very different. 

I think on Tuesday — I’ll go out on a limb here. I think probably Trump loses Minnesota, he may lose Arkansas, and he will lose to Ted Cruz , not by 50%… In Texas.

Cruz will come out ahead in Texas, Arkansas, and Minnesota. At the present time, Marco Rubio might win Minnesota, which I think the only place he has any hope.

Everything else, Trump’s going to win.

You take that momentum and look at the fact that Rubio is currently 20 points behind Trump in Florida, his home state, and you ask yourself, what’s the base for this stop Trump movement going to be?

And I think by the way, Christie who had been the head of the Republican Governor’s Association, has tremendous nationwide ties to major donors, he represents a very important get because he brings an entire network of supporters who see him as a responsible northeastern governor. This is not somebody who represents the hard right wing and therefore I think he really brings an additional level of networking and influence.

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