We Must Stand Against Tyranny though Rebellion should Always be a Last Resort


There is a lot for the Constitutional-minded citizen to process these days. We believe that our federal government has egregiously deviated course from the tenets of the original Republic; like a nuclear reaction of overreach growing beyond the ability of the rule of law and due process to act as boron control rods, it gathers unto itself a consistently growing and seemingly unstoppable direct, imminent, and tangible threat to the vision of individual liberty that a substantial number of the founders believed to be unalienable and worth defending with the ultimate sacrifice. They (this bloated federal entity of career bureaucrats and elitists) would have us believe that indecipherable tax codes, mountains of laws, exorbitant regulatory agencies and initiatives, and of course, a systemic onslaught of subtle acts of provocation toward individuals for no other discernible purpose outside of propitiatory offerings of seized liberty that are wholly incapable of satisfying a paradigm of senseless self-serving policies; the culmination of which will supposedly illicit a sustainable implementation of widespread social and cultural stability. We reserve the right to label this exchange as an unacceptable cut and dry unconstitutional bait-and-switch of liberty for faux prosperity. The socio-cultural confines in which this runaway reaction takes place will not be able to contain whatever meltdown looms on the horizon. Nevertheless, it is not for the patriot movement to exact a removal of these control rods just yet. The rule of law and due process are unquestionably compromised, but the abandonment of them at this point constitutes a philosophical suicide of the integrity of the movement’s time-tested libertarian values. If we abandon the rule of law at this point, it will literally blow up in our face.

founders irsRome wasn’t built in a day, and it sure as hell didn’t fall overnight. The antagonist in the unfolding novel of the defense and restoration of national liberty acts with an astonishingly developed application of the virtue of patience. The movement is flowing toward a watershed that our proprietors of tyranny at all levels of government have intentionally created and placed into our path for no other purpose than the pleasure of watching it fracture us. Its not the first one; we know it won’t be the last. Those who act outside of the rule of law will either be confined in incarceration or liberated into Valhalla; a success for them on two fronts where the incarcerated or deceased are removed and remaining diluted in strength. It is the ultimate test of our resolve and strength to see this through to an end where the tree of liberty is either restored through the pruning action of due process or nurtured back to life by refreshment; Neither outcome is a foregone conclusion. Neither course of action constitutes more or less of a stand for liberty.

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Our adversary is large, far-reaching, in some ways above the law that they “created for us”, and in possession of far superior quantities of materials, resources, and finances. Still, we know that they are encamped on the wrong side of the fence of liberty; their position dwelling in a valley clogged with the thick fog of corruption and deceit. By comparison, we occupy a moral and ethical high ground with which we have clarity that affords us the opportunity to act with calculated, deliberate integrity.

We are each individually responsible for the effective application of this mandate. There is substantial risk in liberty, but also the potential for immeasurable reward. Whether you reserve the right to act unilaterally or follow the lead of someone who possesses a values matrix more or less congruent with your own, it is you and you alone that will answer to yourself every day in the mirror; that is the quintessential manifestation of Creator-endowed, unalienable liberty… personal responsibility, personal risk, and personal reward.

The movement gathers strength as individuals tie up their own loose ends and solidify their personal stance in liberty within the parameters of the rule of law. Guard your tongue. Be judicious and exercise discretion online. Err on the side of caution in your communication and visible activities. Know your rights, know them within the law, and keep yourself criminally untouchable. Exercise your rights… within the law. Holding a corrupt entity of authority that derives it’s just power from the consent of a silent, indifferent, and easily persuadable establishment-voting populous will cause your lawful actions in liberty to fall into the cross-hairs of scrutiny. Giving the propaganda arm of this federal government (the mainstream media) anything to twist into their agenda will compromise the movement in the perception absorbed into the very hearts and minds of the people that we are trying to persuade. Such behavior will indefinitely delay or outright prevent our ranks from reaching the critical mass necessary to eventually effect the change that we seek.

I believe that we possess the ability to do this in a way that respects the tenets and principles of the Republic that our founders created for us. I believe that a unified front can get us where we need to go without “pushing reset”. I believe that each of us is right here, right now for this very purpose. I believe that we can push back against tyranny… to prevent it from becoming law… so that the duty of rebellion remains where it is now; an absolute last resort.

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About the author

Anthony Dephue

Anthony Dephue

Anthony Dephue lives, works, and plays in and around Boise, ID. Holding dear the pursuit of life and liberty, he is an active participant with and supporter of patriot-minded and 2nd Amendment groups. The unfettered right of law abiding citizens to keep and bear arms is, as the Founders intended, the last and final stop-gap to runaway tyranny from a strong central government; it is the foundation by which all other God-given and enumerated rights derive lasting efficacy.

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