Fox News’ Judge Napolitano Demolishes Juan Williams

I’m a big fan of Judge Andrew Napolitano who regularly appears on Fox News (and Fox Business Channel). He’s an intelligent, no-nonsense guy who can clearly articulate conservative and libertarian positions on a whole host of issues, and the best part is that he doesn’t let himself get bullied by other personalities. He recently appeared on Fox News with Juan Williams and Bret Baier where he tore apart the liberal argument for Obamacare (and befuddled Juan Williams in the process).

Judge Napolitano: Juan, fasten your seat belt. The federal government should stay within the confines of the constitution. The constitution does not authorize the federal government to have anything whatsoever to do with healthcare. So, Obamacare should be abolished along with Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security, but the people who are on those programs should be grandfathered in because they paid money to be in there and they’ve ordered their lives to stay there. The states should regulate healthcare because the states retain that power under the constitution. So, if you want if you want mandatory healthcare, go live in Massachusetts. If you want the free market and you want individual savings accounts, financial money savings accounts, go live in Texas. As Uncle Ronnie used to say, you can vote with your feet. When the government attempts to do what only the free market can do, when the government says everybody’s got to drive a Mercedes whether you can afford one or not, whether you want one to drive one or not, very few people will have cars and everybody will be walking.

napbookJuan Williams: “Let me just very quickly ask, you say you want to do away with Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid?”

Judge Napolitano: “Absolutely. Because the Constitution doesn’t authorize it. It would be far better administered by the states… In my world, where government lives within the confines of the Constitution, people are responsible for themselves. It’s not the Beltway world where you live. People don’t look to the federal government to take care of them.”

Juan Williams: “The two of you have abandoned the whole notion of conservatism.”

Judge Napolitano: “You have abandoned the notion that the Constitution means what it says.”

If our politicians were as thoughtful and serious as Judge Napolitano, our nation would be in a much better position today. Thanks, Judge.

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