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The Abject Foolishness of Gun Free Zones

Anthony Dephue
Written by Anthony Dephue


Let’s talk about the proverbial “victim zone”, colloquially euphemized as a Gun Free zone or even a “Weapons Free Zone”.  While I am in your facility, it’s is not a “weapons free zone”. Translation: I am always armed. Additionally, with reference to the extraneous verbiage present on the sign, in this state, there is no statutory mandate to store a weapon in a vehicle or, if one chose to do so, how to go about doing it. The reality is as follows:

– Weapons that get stored in vehicles get stolen.

– Stolen weapons get into the hands of those who should not have them.

– Some of those who should not have them do bad things.

– Your sign will not prevent bad things from happening.

Finally, your sign does not subject anyone to arrest in Idaho. It does, in fact, compel me to take my money elsewhere; I doubt very many people are intentional about bring their money to declared “weapons free zones”.

So I gotta ask… why even post the sign with all of the verbiage? Someone intent on committing an act of violence is not going to abandon their criminalistic endeavor upon encountering this sign. Most who carry weapons are keenly aware that there is no codified mandate concerning the storage of weapons in a vehicle, and they know that even if you do see the weapon, they are not subject to arrest… you can ask them to leave either way (sign or not), but that it’s all you can do.

I think the sign is devoid of the worth it is attempting to embody, a wholly wasteful misuse of profit; especially given the misinformation. A simple graphic of a red slash over a pistol silhouette would adequately express your desire for lawful carriers of weapons to disarm before entering your facility… which if they all did, would create a poster child case for a modern victim zone. Your establishment is totally within it’s right to post this sign; I just think it reflects poorly on the business to purport a mandate for adherence to laws that don’t exist.


Weapons Free Zone

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About the author

Anthony Dephue

Anthony Dephue

Anthony Dephue lives, works, and plays in and around Boise, ID. Holding dear the pursuit of life and liberty, he is an active participant with and supporter of patriot-minded and 2nd Amendment groups. The unfettered right of law abiding citizens to keep and bear arms is, as the Founders intended, the last and final stop-gap to runaway tyranny from a strong central government; it is the foundation by which all other God-given and enumerated rights derive lasting efficacy.

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