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Democrats Running from Obamacare Label

Over the last few years Democrats had come to embrace the “Obamacare” label that had been used to describe the Affordable Care Act. Early on they’d decided that conservatives were trying to turn the phrase into a pejorative, and the best way to combat that was to embrace the name. So they did. Soon, everyone was calling it Obamacare (even the news media), and no negative connotation was attached by anyone outside of conservative circles. The liberals thought they’d won the name battle.

Sadly, they apparently did not foresee the devastating failure that was Obamacare coming. Had they realized that their most important piece of legislation in the last 50 years was going to be an epic and disastrous failure, they probably would have tried to fight the Obamacare label – knowing that President Obama would forever be tied to the disaster by NAME.

Well, the disaster has begun and the Obama brand is now severely tarnished. Things are so bad that the latest CBS poll of the American people says that a full 93% of the population want the law to be repealed or changed. They’ve only got 7% support for the law!

All that’s left for conservatives to do now is to watch the rats flee from the sinking ship as fast as their furry little feet can carry them. The funny folks at the Washington Free Beacon put together an interesting little montage for us – notice anything… different?

Scurry away Democ-rats, but the voters will remember. In eleven short months, the American people will have our revenge.

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