Conservatives Must “Run the Table” in 2016…


America was already significantly damaged by decades of neglectful or nefarious leadership during much of the past century, and suffered further damage by three Presidents who followed Ronald Reagan in office.   With the disastrous election and re-election of Barack Obama, this great nation has nearly been destroyed during the past seven years. Earlier this year this writer repeatedly warned that the that two years between the Midterm Election of 2014 and the Presidential Election of Election Year 2016 provided the final two years, and last two great opportunities, to save the United States from complete collapse and destruction.

The first opportunity came with the election by the American people in November, 2014 of solid Republican majorities in both houses of Congress.   Given a window of 22 months after January, 2015 to “proactively legislate in President Obama’s face” – passing conservative legislation despite any and all threats made to veto those bills – 14 months of that precious window of time have already been recklessly squandered by the feckless, irresponsible and treasonous Congress.   Now, only 8 months remain until the 2016 Presidential and Congressional elections, and our outrageously delinquent and America-betraying Members of Congress are too busy with election campaigns to conduct the urgent business of a divided and dying America. Republicans and Democrats alike are figuratively “rearranging the chairs on the Titanic”. America’s condition is “Code Blue” and the doctor is out!

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Conservative citizen and voters, already chillingly aware of the iceberg dead ahead of the “American Titanic”, politically adrift and leaderless, are now frozen with fear because last week’s suspicious death of Justice Antonin Scalia of the Supreme Court has doubled or tripled the size of that iceberg.

Constitution and Declaration of Independence on Grungy Betsy RosUnless Americans elect Constitutional Conservatives this November, and the Captain (President) and the crew (Congress) steer our nation swiftly and decisively to the immediate right, our “Good Ship America” will surely sink faster and deeper in 2017, than did the H.M.S. Titanic back on April 15, 1912.

Anyone with casual familiarity with the parlor game of billiards or “pool” knows well the meaning of

“run the table”. With the recent and suspicious death of Justice Antonin Scalia, the ever nefarious, serpentine-scheming “President” Obama is salivating over a potential opportunity to appoint a radical left wing Justice to replace Scalia and tilt the Supreme Court to a 5-4 or 8-3 left-wing voting majority. The most outrageously foolish and treasonous action the Republican-led U.S. Senate could do to scuttle the “Good Ship America’ would be to approve any Obama nominee during the remainder of his term as President, since such treasonous action would be fatal to our Constitution and thus fatal to America as a nation.

The task for Americans and our elected officeholders in 2016 is perhaps the most formidable we have faced since Pearl Harbor was attacked by Japan on December 7, 1941, which began World War II. For the next four years, the fate and survival of America, and much of the world, hung in the balance. As of February 13, 2016 (the day of Justice Scalia’s death), the fate and literal survival of America, and again much of the world, hangs in the balance as surely as on the day Pearl Harbor was attacked 74 years ago. Americans must hear and heed a “modern-day Paul Revere” to understand that, to save America from destruction in less than 9 months, we must “run the table” politically. To explain what “running the table politically “ means for our nation’s very survival, we need look no further than four Constitutionally created entities of government in Washington, D.C.: (1) the Presidency; (2) the U.S. Senate; (3) the U.S. House of Representatives; (4) the U.S. Supreme Court.

Millions of Americans already are keenly aware of the stakes in the upcoming Presidential Election. A Constitutional Conservative Republican must be elected, not a Left-Wing Marxist, lest America will continue to be led by a tyrannical, power-abusing, statist dictator similar to Barack Obama. While the 47 seat majority in the current U.S. House makes it likely that a Republican majority will remain in control after November, 2016, there are no guarantees, and if Democrats retake the House of Representatives, that alone will bring catastrophic consequences to America.   Similarly, if Democrats retake the majority control of the U.S. Senate in November, 2016, that also has catastrophic consequences for America. While all three just-mentioned scenarios were reality prior to February 13, the sudden death under suspicious circumstances of Justice Scalia instantly and dramatically exposed the extremely grave danger posed by President Obama nominating for appointment a Marxist, left wing Justice to the Supreme Court sometime this election year. Of course, the dire consequence of that appointment, if treasonously approved by the Senate, would create a lasting Left-Wing majority on the U.S. Supreme Court and both the Constitution and the Rule of Law would be torn asunder.

republicanThus, much as Paul Revere shouted “The British are Coming!” on April 18, 1775, this writer boldly shouts out to the American people, “The Election is Coming!” From this day forward in 2016, through Election Day in November, we must strive to “run the table” as if our lives depend upon it. Indeed, all Americans must strive to “run the table” in 2016, because not only our lives, but our nation, depends upon it.   Unless Constitutional Conservatives: (1) elect a conservative Republican as President (who will propose conservative legislation, abide by the Constitution’s strict limits on executive power and appoint Constitutional Conservatives to the Supreme Court; (2) re-elect a conservative Republican majority to the House of Representatives whose members will abide strictly by our Constitution and pass conservative legislation; (3) re-elect a conservative Republican majority to the U.S. Senate, whose members will abide strictly by our Constitution and pass conservative legislation; and, (4) the present Senate must stand absolutely firm in their resolve to deny and refuse to approve or consent to any candidate nominated to be a Supreme Court Justice by “President” Obama, on the grounds that none of Obama’s nominees will honor the Constitution or the Rule of Law.

A precious 262 days are all that remain, from today to Election Day, November 8, 2016. America, t is now, or never. The “Eleventh Hour” has arrived, and Midnight looms. America, please stand up to be counted! Stand up and prepare to wage the fight of our lives! America, stand up and fight, because this election year is…war! The very survival of our “One Nation, Under God” depends upon winning this war to save our nation. To paraphrase an old adage, “ Now is the time for all good men and women, to come to the aid of our nation!” Either we “run the table” in 2016, and elect a conservative President, a conservative majority in both houses of Congress, and stop Mr. Obama’s evil designs on our Supreme Court by making every proposed candidate “dead on arrival” in our current U.S. Senate, or the coming year 2017 will bring a tyrannical Marxist dictatorship and “America the Beautiful, One Nation, Under God’ will cease to exist. I pray to our Creator that we win this fight, and may God Bless America once again.

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Dale Summitt

Dale Summitt, a passionate writer, public speaker and consultant on public policy, Christian advocacy, education and other issues, is Owner & C.E.O. of Trailblazing America, guardian of America's Christian Faith, Constitution and Bill of Rights, by trailblazing new pathways to Liberty, Justice and Virtue. A veteran career educator and a fundamentalist, evangelical Christian, he is a veteran of the Constitutional Conservative side of the " Culture Wars ", during his long and successful career in teaching and educational leadership in both public and private schools. Battling to preserve morality and high academic standards, Mr. Summitt devoted many years to confronting the dark forces of the radical left who seek to indoctrinate students with liberal and immoral doctrines and threatening to destroy our nation from within.

Mr. Summitt is a " true believer " in the Constitutional principles of limited self-government and the preservation of liberty and freedom enshrined in our Bill of Rights, as well as a firm adherent to a Christian worldview. Believing as a Christian educator and writer that education and intellect is wasted on anyone lacking moral character, he is determined to use his writing abilities to help restore the greatness and Exceptionalism of America and preserve the Judeo-Christian culture that has existed since our nation's founding.

Mr. Summitt resides in a rural area of the beautiful Hill Country of Central Texas with his loving wife and family. He is constructing a new website and will soon be back online at

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