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Police Shoot at Van Full of Children

The police have a tough job. Every day they see the worst of civilization, yet are supposed to continue to work and interact with the public as if they are completely oblivious to the evil that is in the world. I don’t envy their work – however, I also didn’t choose to become a police officer.

I believe the job of a police officer should be thoroughly explained to anyone seeking the position as one where you are expected to maintain your calm and your humanity no matter what happens. Yes, there will be moments that this is practically an impossible feat, but you must still try.

One officer in New Mexico recently failed that test as he opened fire on a minivan that was filled with innocent children.

Look, the woman is obviously in the wrong here. It started as a simple traffic stop for speeding and should have ended twenty minutes later with a ticket and “drive safely.” For some reason, the woman acts in an irrational manner and drives off. When she is pulled over a second time, she is extremely apologetic (but obviously a bit crazy). Throughout the encounter the officer has the stress of the woman’s highly hormonal son who obviously feels like he has to “act like a man” to protect his mother. It was becoming a toxic and dangerous situation.

Sadly, this is the point where one officer goes too far.

As the woman speeds away for a second time (she’s already been pulled over twice), one officer opens fire at the fleeing van. I’m not sure why he thought this was the best course of action, but it most certainly was not. There were five children riding in that van with their mother and they did not deserve to be put into the line of fire.

Our officers do a dangerous but vital job; however we cannot afford even momentary lapses of judgment because that is when innocents are hurt.

Here is the local coverage of the incident.


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