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Donald Trump’s LONG History with Party-Swapping (Updated)

Written by Onan Coca


UPDATE: Some have questioned the veracity of this report, claiming that Mr. Trump would never oscillate so often between political parties. This post has been updated with the evidence proving the story is true.

An investigation into GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump’s recent past has uncovered some revealing information. The presidential frontrunner has switched political parties at least five times since 1987!

Trump Registers as a Republican in 1987

Trump Registers as a Republican in 1987

The Smoking Gun dug through New York’s voter rolls to find that Donald Trump registered as a Republican for the first time as a 41 year old in 1987. Twelve years later, in 1999, Trump walked away from the GOP to run as a candidate for the Independence Party. Then in 2001 Trump’s liberal sensibilities (remember he was “still” pro-choice, anti-gun and for higher taxes in 2001) drove him to register as a Democrat. It wasn’t until 2009 that Trump changed his mind again (YES – Donald Trump was a Democrat as recently as 2009!), and registered as a Republican… again.

Trump Registers as an Independent in 1999.

Trump Registers as an Independent in 1999.

However, Trump left the GOP again in 2011, registering instead as an independent before returning to the GOP again in April of 2012.

Trump registers as a Democrat in 2001.

Trump registers as a Democrat in 2001.

One of the recurring arguments I’ve seen from many Trump supporters was that Ronald Reagan was once a Democrat too. This is true. However, the difference between Reagan (who Trump has bashed in the past) and Trump, is that Reagan was a solid, conservative Republican for more than 25 years before being elected President in 1979-80. Donald Trump hasn’t ever been a “conservative,” and he’s only been a Republican for 4 of the last 6 years and 6 of the last 17 years!

Trump Comes back to the GOP in 2009.

Trump Comes back to the GOP in 2009.

And somehow this is the man that some Republican voters are trusting to support small government, fiscally responsible and socially conservative values? It’s just preposterous.

To make matters even worse – no candidate in the last 20+ years has had a higher unfavorable rating! No, not even Hillary Clinton is as widely disliked as Donald Trump.

Trump Leaves the GOP to become Independent...again... in 2011.

Trump Leaves the GOP to become Independent…again… in 2011.

“Most political and media commentators have at this point installed Donald Trump as the GOP front-runner,” Gallup’s Frank Newport wrote last week.

“But this narrative tends to obscure the fact that Trump is the most unpopular candidate of either party when the entire U.S. population is taken into account — and that he has a higher unfavorable rating than any nominated candidate from either of the two major parties going back to the 1992 election when we began to track favorability using the current format,” Newport said.

“At this point (two-week average through Jan.27), 33% of Americans view Trump favorably and 60% unfavorably.”

“Hillary Clinton currently has a 52% unfavorable rating among all Americans, while Jeb Bush is at 45%, Chris Christie 38 percent, Ted Cruz 37 percent, Marco Rubio 33 percent, Bernie Sanders 31 percent and Ben Carson 30%,” he writes.

Trump once again registers as a Republican in 2012.

Trump once again registers as a Republican in 2012.

If Republican voters decide to nominate Donald Trump as their candidate, they will be ruining a wonderful opportunity to swing the trajectory of the country back towards conservative governance. By choosing Donald Trump, the voters would be ensuring “business as usual” in Washington, D.C. – how do I know? Because, Donald Trump has told us so.

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