3 Liberal Myths about Capitalism – Why Capitalism is the Answer, NOT the Problem

Dr. Jeffrey Miron, of Harvard University, sits down with the folks from Learn Liberty to explain why all of the popular talking points that are commonly bandied about by liberal demagogues on the left about capitalism are all WRONG. Dr. Miron explodes three major liberal myths:
  1. Pro-Capitalism = Pro-Business. Or better, “pro-corruption.” This is just not true. The truth is that being “pro-capitalism” actually means being pro-consumer.
  2. Capitalism generates unfair distribution of income. Wrong. Capitalism rewards productivity.
  3. Capitalism caused the 2008 Financial Crisis. Actually, that is the exact opposite of the truth. The Crisis was caused by the absence of capitalism and the presence of crippling government regulation.
Learn the truth about capitalism, then share this video with your ignorant (i.e. liberal) friends.

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