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Black Sheriff David Clarke takes on BlackLivesMatter Activist Who’s Running for Mayor

Written by Onan Coca


Ugh. News broke this past week that one of #BlackLivesMatter (or, as Sheriff David Clarke calls, them “Black LIES Matter”) most famous members, DeRay Mckesson would be running for office in the city of Baltimore. Mckesson is a professional agitator; he gets paid to cause problems, stir up strife and make life more difficult for the average citizen. He has developed quite a following, and is now one of the most visible and well-known members of the #BlackLivesMatter movement. He was in Ferguson for the violence that erupted there when lawless gangs of criminals set fire to the small city in Missouri, and he was in Baltimore when, again, lawless criminals set a city ablaze.

Over the weekend Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke sat down with Fox News’ Fox & Friends to discuss this news and express his unvarnished opinion about DeRay Mckesson.

“First of all his platform is that he wants to destroy another great American city much like he did when he was down there rabble-rousing in Ferguson, Missouri

We saw his lack of leadership ability in the city of Ferguson as that city went up in flames. If DeRay Mckesson wants to make Baltimore a better city he could do that by packing up and leaving and it would become a better city the next day…

If the Black LIES, L-I-E-S, Matter movement wanted to do good they should have been in the city of Chicago in January. Where 51 people were murdered, over 240 shot and the Black LIES Matter group were nowhere to be found.”

One of the host’s asked Sheriff Clarke what he thought it meant that McKesson was a “full time, paid protester.”

“It doesn’t mean anything. Like I said it means he is an underachiever and he doesn’t have any real skills to offer. I can’t believe that colleges and universities are stealing young people’s money for tuition offering these useless degrees where there is no demand in the marketplace for that sort of thing. So what you do, you either go into teaching at a university or you become a riot starter or a troublemaker like DeRay Mckesson.”

When the other host asked what Sheriff Clarke wanted to say to the voters in Baltimore, he responded by saying, “Well, I don’t know who they should be voting for, that should be up to them. However, I will say this. That city is on the precipice. That was once a great American city and it is in decline. This is a big, big decision for them. If they want to turn this city around and resurrect it they should run as far and as fast as they can away from DeRay Mckesson.”

We love us some Sheriff Clarke, don’t we?

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