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Israel Ranks the American Presidents – Guess Who They Say was the Worst?

Written by Onan Coca


This. Is. Awesome.

In a recent survey from Jewish pollster Menachem Lazar from Panels Politics, we learn that the Israeli people really don’t like Barack Obama. Journalist Shmuel Rosner, writing for the Jewish Journal, reports that the results from the latest survey of Israelis has a lot of interesting information, like the fact that less than 10% of Israelis believe that President Obama is “pro-Israel.” However, the most interesting feature of the poll comes when Israelis discuss their list of “best” and “worst” (for Israel) American presidents.

Via Rosner:

We asked Israelis to identify the “best for Israel” President of the last 30 years, and the “worst for Israel” American President of the last thirty years. From Jimmy Carter to Barack Obama – through Reagan, Bush 1, Clinton, Bush 2, Obama. When it comes to the “best” President, Israelis hesitate, as they have more than one candidate for the top spot. But when they are asked about the “worst” there is no such hesitation. One President stands head and shoulders above all others: Obama – with 63% of Jewish Israelis choosing him. Carter comes at a distant second with 16%, and other presidents are barely mentioned (the Bushes with 4% and 3%, Reagan with 2%).

Even in the tiny left (7% in this survey, 8-9% in previous Lazar polls) Obama comes on top as the worst-ever President for Israel with 35%. Carter is second with 21%. Interestingly, approval of Carter is compatible with age: the older the respondent, the higher percentage Carter gets. There’s an obvious reason for this – the older the Israeli, the more he or she remembers the Carter years.

If Obama is worst-ever, who was the best-ever President for Israel? When we asked our Israel Factor panel of experts three years ago, the answer was Bill Clinton. When Lazar asked Israeli Jews the same question now he got the same answer – but it was a close call: 37% for Clinton, 34% for George W. Bush (Reagan was third with 8%).

While this survey may have been focused on how the President has been for Israel, it may as well have asked which President was worst for America, or for the world. The answer would have been the same. President Obama is bad for everyone, everywhere, and the current state of the planet (and our nation) is proof positive of that fact.

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