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Law Enforcement

One Rotten Cop Can Spoil it for Everyone

Written by Michael Minkoff


Meet Jimmy Williamson. He’s the current Police Chief for the University of Georgia Campus Police. He also should have been fired many times over for any number of wrongdoings: mismanagement, intimidation, corruption, hypocrisy, low employee morale, sexual harassment, racism, wrongful termination, failure to uphold the law, and possibly more.

He became the subject of an investigation in 2005, not even a mere year after he took the position as Campus Police Chief in Athens. That’s right. A decade ago, Jimmy Williamson was accused (by a high-level employee, mind you) of racism, sexual harassment, and mismanagement:

Among [Lt. Roderick] Platt’s more serious allegations is a charge that Williamson discussed the “intimate parts” of a UGA detective and that he is “obsessed” with the detective’s Web site, where photographs from her former modeling career are posted.

“He would often have the Web site up when I walked into his office and he would quickly close his Web browser,” according to Platt, who said Williamson hired the woman as an officer and promoted her to detective “despite her lack of experience.” . . .

Platt called Williamson’s management style “autocratic, dictatorial and micro-managing” and asked to go on administrative leave while his allegations are investigated. . . .

Platt claims in his complaint that Williamson has referred to Mexicans as “wetbacks” and black people as “niggers,” . . .

Platt wasn’t the only one complaining. Many other officers (especially former UGA officers who had nothing to lose or gain by their testimony) concurred with his accusations. But Williamson was cleared of all wrongdoing anyway. He admitted to racial slurs. He admitted to the habitual viewing of the detective’s modeling website. At work. But the investigation came up empty anyway, because about half the officers in the department contradicted or didn’t confirm Platt’s accusations.

Lt. Platt (whom Williamson transferred from the detective division to patrol) believed many officers were not forthright simply because of the “retaliatory” nature of Williamson’s managerial environment. I can’t imagine he was wrong, especially after you see the next chapter in this rotten story.

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Michael Minkoff

Michael Minkoff writes, edits, and typesets from his office in Powder Springs, Georgia. He honestly does not prefer writing about politics, but he sincerely hopes you enjoy reading about it. He also wonders why he is typing this in the third person.

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