A White Supremacist Makes Hilarious Discovery

If you’ve been reading Eagle Rising for any length of time, you’ve already come to know that we hate racism. In fact, it’s more than that we at Eagle Rising believe racism to be a sin of the ugliest kind. Racism is a disgusting attack on the very God of the universe, calling into question the worth of His creation, mankind. When a racist spews his hateful rhetoric about other people, he quite literally demeans God by attacking those whom God created in His Own Image.

That said, we do like to take the time to laugh at hatemongers like a certain white supremacist who found out some … startling news.

Craig Cobb has recently gained a bit of fame by trying to create a “White Nationalist intentional community in North Dakota.” Fortunately for humanity, his neighbors in North Dakota were not too keen on letting this happen and while the community may not be the most diverse, they stood against his racist attempts.

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Well, now Mr. Cobb is getting a second chance at his “15 minutes” of fame. He was recently a guest on a British daytime talk show that did a DNA test as part of their segment with him. Much to Mr. Cobb’s chagrin he learned that, like our President, he too was part African-American! It was an all too perfect ending to his racist saga.

“86% European and,” Goddard said, pausing as the audience started to cheer before she continued, “14% sub-Saharan African!”

craigcobb2The audience erupted in cheers and laughs as a grinning Cobb began to protest.

“Sweetheart, you have a little black in you,” Goddard said.

Cobb tried to “defend” himself, citing “statistical noise” and claiming that “oil and water” don’t mix. What he missed was that ethnic differences are not “oil and water” but simple differences in the amount of melanin in a person’s skin. Thanks to advances in DNA research, science has long since proven that the differences between us truly are only “skin deep.”


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