Americans Persecuting Christians Worldwide

The study warns that Christians suffer greater hostility across the world than any other religious group. And it claims politicians have been “blind” to the extent of violence faced by Christians in Africa, Asia and the Middle East.”

This past weekend was the Faith and Freedom Coalitions which featured many conservative politicians like Senator Rand Paul (R-KY), Governor Sarah Palin (R-AK), erstwhile Presidential candidate Herman Cain, and others. There were many great speeches given and copious “red meat” topics were discussed, but perhaps the most important discourse was delivered by Senator Paul. His speech centered on America’s foreign policy and how our choices all over the world are actually propelling the persecution of Christians worldwide. The truth of the matter is that our tax dollars are being spent overseas to persecute, imprison, and kill Christians and our government is doing nothing to stop the massacre.

Just last year in Newsweek, author Ayaan Hirsi Ali tried to remind all of us what was happening across the Islamic world. From North Africa to the Middle East to South Asia and Oceania, the world’s predominantly Muslim nations have almost uniformly been persecuting and killing our fellow Christians.

This weekend Senator Paul brought it even closer to home for us. Many American Christians routinely bemoan the state of religious conversation in America today as being slanted against Christianity. I would tend to agree, citing the Hollywood media’s preference for the immoral, perverse, and oftentimes barbaric. I would also bring up how our news media seems to “side” against conservative and Christian morals, values and beliefs when reporting many of their “culture war” stories. Senator Paul agrees–in America, Christians are being marginalized and persecuted by the secular left–but the battles we face here are nothing compared to the hardships faced by our brothers and sisters in the faith in much of the rest of the world.

He cited examples from Egypt, Pakistan, Iraq, Libya, and Syria – all countries that we have either intervened or are planning to intervene in, and all countries where millions or billions of US tax dollars have been spent. In Egypt and Pakistan they burn our flag and chant “death to America”, and still we funnel money to these corrupt anti-Semitic and anti-Christian regimes. He said, “It is clear that American taxpayer dollars are being used to enable a war on Christianity in the Middle East, and I believe that must end.”

These countries are not our allies; they passionately resist the reforms we suggest, and their very ideals run counter to our own beliefs. Women are second class citizens in their society, homosexuals are routinely beaten and killed with no repercussion to the assailants, and Christians are used as scapegoats, much like the Jews of Germany were during the Holocaust.

Congressman Justin Amash had this to say about the issue on Facebook:

While the al-Qaeda-allied Syrian rebels murder Christians and desecrate churches, Pres. Obama sends them weapons to continue their rampage—all while the President fights to restrict Americans’ gun rights here at home and treats all Americans as terror suspects who must be constantly spied on.”

RandPaul1Senator Paul seems to be in a lonely position in Congress. Fighting for the lives of Christians overseas, he recently proposed legislation that would have placed restrictions on foreign aid to nations that execute Christians. A full ninety percent of the Senate voted against it.

We are about to begin supplying weapons and support for the rebels in Syria, who are fighting against a monstrous foe in dictator Bashar Assad and his allies in the terrorist organization Hezbollah. However, these rebels also happen to be part of the same network of terrorists that we are currently fighting in Mali. It’s reminiscent of our days supplying rebel forces in Afghanistan who would one day use those weapons against us (Hello Osama bin Laden). These Syrian rebels are hardly simple freedom fighters. In fact, they have aligned themselves with al-Qaeda, and we’ve all come to know how Al-Qaeda feels about Christians. One only has to look at Iran, Egypt, Pakistan, Libya, Sudan, Iraq, or Nigeria to learn what happens when corrupt leaders fall and the Islamic religious leaders take over. Egypt has nearly wiped out their Christian community, and done so violently. Pakistan and Iran routinely jail Christians for crimes like converting to Christianity – which for someone who was previously a Muslim in a Muslim nation could mean death. In Iraq and Sudan terror attacks against Christians is an everyday event. In Nigeria the Christian minority is harassed daily and each day makes religious warfare more likely.

The choice is clear: either continue to spend billions of dollars on our enemies as they strengthen their militaries, give safe harbor to terrorists, and plot to weaken (and one day perhaps, destroy) us, or stop giving them money, food and aid, and offer asylum to the millions of Christian minorities living in terror around the world. We can’t stop the persecution of Christians globally, but we can stop allowing them to use our money to pay for it. We must stand with men like Senator Rand Paul and Congressman Justin Amash as they call for an end to giving aid and comfort to our enemies while they persecute, imprison, beat, and kill our brothers and sisters in Christ.

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