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Texas City Councilman Caught Smuggling Illegal Aliens!

Written by Onan Coca

I’m not sure how it happened, but in all of the New Year festivities we missed this ridiculous story from Texas.

A city councilman in Crystal City, Texas was recently arrested attempting to smuggle three illegal immigrants into the United States!

I kid you not.

Councilman Marco Rodriguez has apparently been engaging in a bit of side work when he was supposed to be acting in his city’s best interests.

The arrest happened Saturday at a post office in Big Wells. The feds say that Rodriguez was pulled over by a Border Patrol agent. They chatted briefly before Rodriguez allegedly tried to run away. Eventually, Border Patrol caught up to him and the three undocumented immigrants he was with.

In the criminal complaint, Rodriguez admitted to being hired to transport the immigrants. The 36-year-old also told a federal agent that he had transported immigrants on two other occasions, driving them to San Antonio.

Rodriguez says he was paid $500 and $1400 on those trips. KENS 5 went to Rodriguez’s parents home, but no one answered the door. The city manager and mayor also declined to talk.

To make matters worse (I’m not sure it could actually be worse), the car that the councilman was pulled over in was a stolen vehicle!

The Canary LLC truck had been reported stolen by the Denver-based company. Border Patrol agents detained Rodriguez and three passengers allegedly in the U.S. illegally.

While the story is scandalous, what seems most interesting to me is that there is no word on which Party Mr. Rodriguez represents, but Crystal City is in Zavala County and Zavala County voted 75% Democrat in the last Gubernatorial election, so draw your own conclusions. I wonder when the local media will find time to figure out this piece of information? I won’t hold my breath while I wait to hear.

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