Obama “Fix” for Obamacare? Keep your plans – until next year.

Has anyone else noticed how incredibly pathetic and silly President Obama’s “fix” for the problems we’re having with Obamacare is? His answer to the millions of people losing their healthcare is… you can keep your healthcare for one more year! Gee whiz, Mr. President, thanks for letting me keep the insurance I shopped for, found, and am paying for. Sadly however, next year – You Are Screwed. The “fix” only lasts this year and next year you will definitely lose the insurance you like and have to get something that may be worse and more expensive.


What a fix, huh?

So for the last five-plus years the Democrats have been telling us that “if you like your insurance, you can keep it.” Then we figure out that is a BIG FAT LIE. So the way they fix it is by telling us we can have one more year of the insurance we like before we are forced to buy something else?

The most important factor in selling this law was that “If you like it you can keep it” lie. If the American people simply roll over and say, “Okay – you can lie to us and well just take it,” then these corrupt politicians will just keep doing it. A one year extension is not a fix, it’s band-aid that will get ripped off in the most painful way possible next year.

Democrats are starting to realize just how toxic Obamacare is, and they are beginning their rush to the exits in hopes that the electorate won’t remember that they fully supported the law that is so painfully unpopular. The GOP better get to work reminding the voters that all of these Democrats who are pretending to be so upset with this law were its chief proponents just a few short months ago.

Remember the Shut-Down? No Senate Democrats would bend AT ALL on Obamacare. They wouldn’t budge. They wouldn’t negotiate. They lambasted their Republican counterparts for trying to stall or stop Obamacare… and now, just two short months later, the Democrats are doing the same thing.

Vulnerable House and Senate Democrats are working to fix, stall, or stop Obamacare. I’m not even sure they care which. They just want to make sure that they don’t get blamed for voting for this monstrous healthcare law in 2014.

Well folks, the Democrats did support it – and moreover they lied to us about it too. On the Hugh Hewitt show Democrat supporter Dr. John Gruber had to reluctantly admit that his buddy was a big fat cheat.

ObamacarePreciousHH: Dr. Gruber, if a student of yours had plagiarized fifteen percent of a paper he turned in, would he be expelled from MIT?

JG: He’d certainly be up for disciplinary action, absolutely.

HH: And so if the President misled fifteen percent of the American people, and only fifteen percent, isn’t that a deception of the sort Ron Johnson’s talking about?

JG: Okay, the President, he did mislead a small share of the U.S. population. It’s not fifteen percent. As I said, it’s on the order of two to four percent.

HH: And so if your student had only plagiarized two to four percent of his paper, would he still be in trouble?

JG: Probably, yeah.

HH: Yeah.

JG: And President Obama has certainly gotten in trouble for this.

But President Obama isn’t the only liar in the bunch; every rank and file Democrat on Capitol Hill should have understood and known what had to happen under Obamacare. If they didn’t, they should be in full revolt right now because that would mean that they were lied to be their party leadership. The truth of the matter is that the Democrat Party lied to the American people — and they did it over and over again.



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