Stephen Bowers: Obamacare is Hazardous to Your Health

Stephen Bowers has noticed that Obamacare’s design is lacking in a lot of different aspects. You can’t sign up because the web portal doesn’t work properly. If you call, they can’t sign you up because they also use the web portal. The same thing happens when you use the snail mail option. If you do signup the security on the website is horrendous, so it’s very likely your identity could be stolen. Now we’ve learned that the people who are taking all of your sensitive information to help you sign up may very well be felons… let’s face it – Obamacare is hazardous to your health!

November 11, 2013

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Stephen Bowers

Stephen Bowers

I am an attorney in Las Vegas who has always wanted to draw political cartoons, partly because I like drawing, but mostly because I enjoy ridiculing pompous know-nothings. Verbally debating them gets nowhere. They don't know they're beaten. But poking fun at them in a drawing leaves them without recourse or rebuttal. What can they do...? Call me names, whine, cuss me ... or maybe draw a witty riposte? Unlikely.
Steve Bowers, Esq.

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