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Abortionists Angry at Newsweek because Ultrasound “Looks” like a Baby

Gary DeMar
Written by Gary DeMar


Liberals not only try to control the narrative, they also try their hardest to keep truth from getting out to low-information voters.

For years abortionists have tried to keep full disclosure from women considering abortion. Liberals want every ingredient listed on every food package but woe to anyone who wants women to see what they’re aborting.

So it’s not surprising that pro-abortionist Sady Doyle “criticized a Newsweek December cover in a piece titled ‘Why Does Newsweek’s “Abortion Wars” Cover Show a Cartoon Fetus Instead of a Woman?’” Doyle commended the magazine for tackling abortion in its new cover story – but bashed the cover illustration for showing a fetus that looked ‘more like a baby’ than an ‘actual pregnancy.’” (H/T: Newsbusters)

Newsweek Abortion BabyFor people who believe it’s OK to kill unborn babies, it’s only size that matters. Here’s a thought exercise for Sady Doyle. Should women be permitted by law to kill their child as soon as he or she is born? A baby certainly looks like a baby, so I’m guessing she and most supporters of abortion would say no. How about if the baby is just about to be delivered? Most (but not all) people would say no. But following Doyle’s baby criteria that if it looks like a baby it’s a baby, Doyle would have to say no; it would be wrong to kill an unborn baby at that point.

How about one hour before birth? Two hours? Ten hours? Once she and other abortionists pick the time that a “fetus” transitions from a “real baby” through nine weeks of development back to conception when it’s a non-baby, that becomes the line of demarcation. So what changed from being a baby to not being a baby?



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