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Gay Lobby Using Radical Islam-like Tactics to Scare Christian Schools

Gary DeMar
Written by Gary DeMar


Radical Islamists require that a person convert to Islam or lose his property, pay a tax, or — in the most extreme cases — undergo execution.

Now it seems that homosexuals are taking a page from the ISIS playbook. You may recall that homosexuals assured us (I never believed it for a minute) that passing same-sex marriage legislation would not affect anyone in a negative way.

Neal Boortz, who used to have a talk show on WSB in Atlanta, use to rail against Christians who opposed the legalization of homosexuality and same-sex marriage. “How do two people having sex together and marrying affect you?,” he would often say. The following is from a November 8, 2012 “Nealz Nuze” article:

“If you can make the case that a married gay couple living down the street from you, or across town for that matter, is going to have any negative impact on your own life, then I would say that we need to have a debate on the subject.  Nobody has shown me that yet, so how about getting your GOP noses out of other people’s bedrooms?    I’ve been on the air for years and never in my 42 years of talk radio has anyone been able to tell me how Joe and Steve living down the block in wedded bliss will have any impact on their life.”

Neal needs to interview the bakers, florists, and photographers who have been impacted by same-sex “wedded bliss.”

He used a similar argument for his pro-abortion views, never admitting that the ultimate victim in an abortion was a dead unborn baby.


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