Ron Paul Discusses Why the Democrats Won Virginia

Ron Paul often gets a bad rap from the establishment GOP because of his many and varied attempts to shut off the flow of dirty money running into the hands of the political elite in Washington, D.C.

(To be fair to the establishment, Ron Paul’s foreign policy positions often stand in contrast to the mainstream GOP position as well. Though Dr. Paul seems to find new converts to his foreign policy views every day, especially now that many of his foreign policy predictions are coming true.)

Recently Dr. Paul was in Virginia campaigning for the candidate that he and some other GOP favorites (Rand Paul, Marco Rubio and Scott Walker) were hopeful could defeat Democrat yes-man, Terry McAuliffe. Sadly Ken Cuccinelli lost his battle for the Governor’s mansion, which has led some in the Republican Party to wonder if the Tea Party has lost its power. Fox News had Dr. Ron Paul on to discuss what happened in the Virginia election, and his answer strikes at the heart of the growing problem in Virginia.

“I think all this race did was prove Hayek’s point that the worse rise to the top. And I think this is the case of what happens so often that people who can be the most negative and appeal to the lowest common denominator and I think this is the reason some people can win and McAuliffe had a lot of money. He had corporation money. This whole story, you know, that the rich always support the Republicans and the conservatives — I think this proves the point that you know, the Democrats, like many Republicans are in bed with big corporations. In this case, you know, McAuliffe raised, what, $30-some million, twice as much as Cuccinelli. So you know, money talks. Big corporations talk. The military talks because of the military-industrial complex in northern Virginia. So you have to be realistic, I think if anything you should say that Obamacare is going to decide — is decide itself with the American people because they are not happy now. They are not happy with the website. They’re not going to be happy with the medical care. So, if somebody wants to say oh yeah this is a victory. Obamacare is actually better than a lot of people were saying, they’ll be kidding themselves.”

mcauliffe and cuccThe money really did end up being the difference. McAuliffe outraised Cuccinelli by more than $15 million, and in the last month or so of the race, McAuliffe outspent Cuccinelli by a margin of more than 3-1 on advertising. Even still, with a tremendous disparity in money and McAuliffe’s stranglehold on the DC metro area voters, Cuccinelli lost by less than 3%. That’s an incredibly tight race, in what should have been a pushover race for the Democrats. In the end it was all about the money, and McAuliffe got most of his from special interest groups and corporations looking for a foothold in the Governor’s mansion. It’s dirty money for a crooked politician.

Dr. Paul also took a moment to take a swipe at Chris Christie, and I happen to think he’s right on about this too.

“If [Christie] wants to go by the way of McCain and Romney, I guess he can go ahead and do it. Maybe he can become the nominee, but I think he will be saying the same old stuff again, wishy-washy stuff. Chased all the constitutionalists, limited government, libertarians — chased them home. Why vote? You know, if that’s what he wants to do. I mean, I don’t think New Jersey is a litmus test for the United States of America.”

The GOP establishment is desperately looking for another John McCain, or Mitt Romney to run in 2016, and the best they can do right now is  Chris Christie. Chris Christie who is quickly becoming the chief RINO in the GOP because of his popularity in deep-blue New Jersey.

And the RINO’s love him – listen to Charlie Cooke say he can’t wait to watch Chris Christie “rip out a tea party members lungs.”

Hmmmm… makes you wonder if the Republicans want us Tea Party types around at all. Maybe they’d be happier if we started voting 3rd Party?



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