Detroit Election Continues Destructive Policies

The media is heavily reporting that Detroit has moved on from their history of stereotyping their Mayors. In one sense they had, but it was a very weak, very superficial sense.

So, no. By every real, measurable standard – no, Detroit is not changing direction.

On Tuesday Detroit held an election to choose a new mayor, because the previous Mayor, NBA legend Dave Bing, had resigned amidst Detroit’s financial woes. There was some hope that maybe the people of Detroit had learned the hard lessons taught to them over years of financial mismanagement. Sadly that wasn’t the case.

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The “new direction” that the media is trumpeting is that Detroit has elected a white man as mayor… instead of a black man. How superficial is that? The vast majority of the citizens in Detroit are African-American so it would stand to reason that their mayors would also be African-American.

Unofficial returns showed Mike Duggan defeating Wayne County Sheriff Benny Napoleon 55 percent to 45 percent. Napoleon conceded defeat late Tuesday in a race where Duggan outspent him by about 3-to-1 heading into Tuesday’s election. Duggan becomes Detroit’s first white mayor since the early 1970s. The city is more than 80 percent black.

detroitnowThe real test of whether or not Detroit had learned from their mistakes and had decided to shift their city in a new “direction” would be whether or not they elected a conservative. They didn’t. Detroit’s voters continued their trend of voting for liberals – in fact Detroit hasn’t had a Republican candidate since Mayor Louis Miriani left office at the end of 1961. That’s fifty two years, folks. In fact, on the day Mayor Miriani left office, Detroit was America’s most successful and developed city. Today Detroit may well be the worst off city in the nation.

If Detroit wants any chance to right its ship, it must start choosing new leaders. Governor Rick Snyder has stepped in and is using an emergency manager to run the city, so the new mayor won’t have much power anyway, but an emergency manager can only fix today’s problems. As soon as the manager leaves, the liberal politicians will return and Detroit will be right back in trouble again. It’s time to choose a different political path, Detroit. If not for yourselves, then for your children.

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”
— Albert Einstein

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