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Christian College Punishes Professor for Saying Something “UnChristian” – Liberals Freak

Gary DeMar
Written by Gary DeMar

All of a sudden liberals care about what goes on in Christian colleges. The latest attack on Christianity — not Islam for beheading Christians, raping Christians, burning down their churches, and selling Christians into slavery — is a disciplinary action by Wheaton College. The college is being attacked for putting Professor Larycia Hawkins on leave.

“The public relations campaign waged on Larycia Hawkins’ behalf would have you believe she was put on leave for pledging solidarity with Muslims. That is simply not true.

“Professor Hawkins put on a veil, took a picture, and announced on Facebook that she would wear it and encourage others to in order to show her support for peaceful Muslims.

“Had she stopped there, nothing would have been wrong other than her inflated sense of purpose in doing something silly. But she went beyond that.”

In terms of theology, Christianity and Islam are miles apart. While Islam borrows from the Old and New Testaments, it distorts much of the history and fundamental doctrines.

The deity of Jesus Christ, like in Judaism, is rejected…


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