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Obama Loves Islam but Not so Much Jews…

David Lawrence
Written by David Lawrence

Peyser Criticizes Obama in the New York Post


Andrea Peyser wrote an article in the NY Post, “Don’t call me bigot, Mr. President.” She doesn’t realize that the President who accuses others of being bigots is himself a bigot. The accuser is self-accused. Race means more to him than it should.


Peyser points out that Anti-Semitism is four times more prevalent than Islamophobia.  But then criticizes Trump’s temporary banning of non-citizen Muslims by saying, “It goes against American values to bar the door to people of a particular religion.”


This is where I disagree with her.  It does not go against American values to defend ourselves by not allowing violent people who have attacked us numerous times in the past to come to our country.  Only fools would be foolish enough to invite our own self-destruction.


Obama is the Commander-in-Chief of America’s destruction.


In any event, the Muslim religion is less a religion than a system of laws. The religion is the motivation behind the political format.  Sharia law is a life style not a God style.


Peyser is right in criticizing Obama’s bigotry against her imagined bigotry.  But she is wrong in demeaning Trump’s intelligent protection of our country.


Obama is the bigot by his race obsession. Trump is a General trying to save our lives. And Peyser is far from a bigot but should not be offended when a bigot calls her a bigot.

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David Lawrence

David Lawrence

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