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Forget Gun Control we Need Baby Murder Control

Gary DeMar
Written by Gary DeMar

It’s been at least 20 years since I’ve seen Saturday Night Live. It was the last time it was funny.

“On the December 5th airing of Saturday Night Live, fake-news anchor Michael Che called out the Republican Senate for scheduling action to defund Planned Parenthood, despite the recent shooting in San Bernardino.”

Like so much of liberal-think, a moral equivalence link was made between the sanctity of abortion facilitator Planned Parenthood and gun control. Guns should be more forcefully controlled for everyone because some people use guns illegally, but Planned Parenthood should be protected — and given our tax dollars — even though the organization willfully supports the killing of unborn babies.

There were 14 adults killed by the two Muslim terrorists. It was tragic for all involved. For the surviving family members, they will second-guess so many moments in time. Many of the survivors will feel guilty for surviving.

At the same time these murders were happening, unborn babies were being killed just one mile away from the community center with the legal protection of the Supreme Court, the state legislature of California, Gov. Jerry Brown, the Democrat Party, and Pres. Obama who said “God bless Planned Parenthood” for the legal right to kill unborn babies.

Across the nation that day, more than 3300 unborn babies were killed in abortuaries passing as health clinics. And what gets all the attention? Gun control. It seems to me that the medical instruments used to kill these unborn babies should get some attention…

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