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What will Liberals Outlaw to Keep from Offending Violent Muslim Terrorists?


“Criminologist Casey Jordan appeared on CNN . . . late Wednesday to make an abundantly absurd claim that the attack in San Bernardino, California, which left at least 14 people dead and was reportedly committed by a devout Muslim husband and wife tag team, was probably fueled by the holiday party taking place at the time which ‘may have been offensive to him.’”

But it might not be that absurd once Obama spin is added to it.

Since it’s now almost impossible to blame people for their actions (unless they’re Christians and/or conservatives, anti-abortion, heterosexual, white people, and males), the left must come up with a “rational” reason why this Muslim husband and wife duo decided to dress up in combat gear and kill 14 people.

We’ve gone beyond blaming guns. That’s a liberal given.

There have to be other reasons since liberals know that guns don’t hitch a ride on buses and go to the homes of criminals, load themselves, and mind-meld with whackos and force them to go out and murder people…

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