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A Fun Way to Say “Merry Christmas”!

Our good friends at Patriot Depot have a special treat for you, dear readers. They’ve just released a wonderful travel mug for the Holiday season! Filled with Thrasher brand coffee, this cup is sure to bring lots of good Christmas cheer this winter!


Like many Americans, we were highly disappointed when Starbucks announced that their Christmas coffee cup design wouldn’t actually include anything to do with Christmas.  Have the politically-correct police really been so successful at making Christianity taboo that we can’t even celebrate Christmas during the Christmas season?

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of being expected to apologize for my faith.  The meaning of Christmas is about celebrating the love and salvation that Jesus Christ brought to the world at His birth.  Don’t let the secular PC crowd silence that message!

Since Starbucks apparently doesn’t want to celebrate Christmas, let’s celebrate this year without them!  Designed exclusively for Patriot Depot, this politically-incorrect Christmas coffee cup proudly displays the message “It’s Okay to Say Merry Christmas”.

Christmas Coffee Travel Cup

Order now to get them in time for your Christmas parties and get togethers.  We have a limited supply available, so don’t wait!

Paper cups with plastic lids, holds 16 oz. of your favorite coffee blend.

Speaking of favorite coffee blends, I think I know what your new favorite blend is going to be.  IntroducingThrasher Coffee’s latest creation, the Christmas Blend Coffee.  This rich and complex blend includes notes of sweet dates and bittersweet chocolate with a graham cracker finish.  It’s the perfect blend to enjoy by the fire at Christmastime!  Check it out here.

Christmas Blend Coffee

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