Obama’s Obsession with Climate Change – Why Is He Trying to Scare Us?

Why are President Obama and other progressive leaders so intent on scaring us about climate change? Generally leaders try use fear to get the people to do something, especially if it’s something that most people don’t much want to do. President Obama said, “Today, there’s no greater threat to our planet than climate change.”

The world is in flames as terrorist organizations grow in strength worldwide. Iran is inching ever closer to getting a nuclear bomb. China is expanding its power and influence in Southeast Asia. Russia has seized Crimea and continues its efforts to wrest parts of Eastern Ukraine away from that country. Domestically we have a national debt that is rapidly approaching $20 trillion dollars. We have unfunded entitlement programs like Social Security and Medicare that we cannot possibly pay for in their present forms. Obama Care, which is yet to be fully enacted, has proven to be not only a failure but also a giant drag on the economy. Our labor participation rate is at an all-time low. Race relations seem more strained than at any time since the Civil Rights Act was passed. Yet, climate change is the greatest threat to our planet!

Nero was accused of fiddling while Rome burned.  Marie Antoinette, when told her subjects were starving with no bread to eat supposedly said “Let them eat cake!” One has to wonder how President Obama’s obsession with climate change will be looked on by future historians. Most likely his actions will be viewed as a modern day version of Cnut the Great ordering the waves not to rise and with the same lack of success. While the Nero, Marie Antoinette, and Cnut tales are most probably not true, President Obama and the leadership of the Democrat Party certainly have made climate change a central issue. Note to Obama, put down your fiddle. We can’t afford cake. And nothing you are proposing can stop the tides from rising.

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obama-global-warmingIf the assertion that climate change is man caused and imminent, something that in spite of the progressive claims is not undisputed, established science, nothing proposed in the Paris Climate Summit would stop the negative climate changes allegedly taking place. For starters, if global warming is being caused or contributed to because of human activity, then all the countries in the world would have to drastically reduce emissions immediately, not sometime in the future. That’s not being done. And if climate change were caused by human activity, wouldn’t those championing reducing carbon use be doing all they could do to reduce their own emissions? Al Gore has a carbon footprint the size of Lake Erie. President Obama seems to have no problem with his own, seeing how often he flies long distances in Air Force One. What is being done is that developed countries like the United States and Western Europe are asked to contribute to the economies of developing countries to “offset” the impact on their economies. That, and lots of people like Al Gore and the Solyndra bundlers are making a lot of money on green energy and governmental subsidies.

This goes along with President Obama’s belief in the redistribution of wealth. In the worldview of many progressives, the U.S. and the West have taken advantage of the rest of the world. In point of fact, fossil fuels are a cheaper and more dependable source of energy that would enable poorer countries to improve their standards of living, much in the same way Europe and the United States did over the last 150 years. While it is true that burning fossils fuels can cause serious pollution, we have learned how to reduce the effects by using natural gas, clean coal, and more efficient machines.

It should be remembered that the same groups that were warning of an impending ice age fifty years ago are the same groups that warned the Artic would be ice-free by 2015. In the new video, Climate Hustle, set to premiere in Paris on December 7, CFACT ‘s founder, Marc Morano, will point out many of the flaws of the man caused climate change theory. Aside from predictions that have turned out to be flat out wrong, there are also reports of falsified statistics made by scientists and organizations that stand to gain from misreporting or twisting climate change data.

Remember that ice ages have come and gone long before human beings even existed. So while climate change is real, there should be at least questions raised about to what extent human activity is the cause. Rather than preventing developing nation’s access to cheaper more reliable fossil fuels, shouldn’t the aim be to reduce immediately harmful pollution? If the fear is that climate change may cause droughts or flooding, then why not spend green money on better desalinization methods or better dikes? When people are going hungry, why spend so much effort on bio-fuels that are less efficient?

Climate change seems to have more to do with progressive redistribution philosophy, power, and money.

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