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Are We Living in the “Last Days”?

Once again Christians are being told that we are definitely living in the last days. For example, Pastor Greg Laurie of Harvest Christian Fellowship in California said in a November 19, 2015 sermon that current news events are following the plan laid out in Bible prophecy. Melody Dareing, writing for Western Journalism, states that Laurie “wrapped up [his] sermon with this conclusive statement. ‘We’re living in the last days.’”

Laurie based his “last days” comment on “two specific things: the rise of terrorism and the alliance between Russia and Iran. He said global terrorism is as ‘stronger that it has ever been.’”

For centuries, actually, near two millennia, prophecy prognosticators have been making claims like those of Laurie’s based on the events of their day. My library is filled with books claiming that the end was near during WW I, WW II, the Russian revolution, the militarization of Japan, the French Revolution, every European war ever fought, and even the rise of Islam hundreds of years ago.

For decades Christian prophecy writers have been telling their followers that we’re living in the last days and Jesus is coming soon…


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