News Flash to Liberals – All Religions Aren’t Equal

Bill Maher is a self-proclaimed atheist. He doesn’t have a horse in the religious race. In a recent show he said of Islam, “If you are in this religion, you probably do have values that are at odds [with traditional Western values].” He went on to say, “This is what liberals don’t want to recognize. This idea that somehow we do share values that all religions are alike is bulls**t.” Time after time our political leaders defend Islam as a great religion, even as a religion of peace. President Obama, one of Islam’s staunchest supports, said in a speech at the United Nations, “The future does not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.” History, something with which liberals, especially our President, don’t seem to have much of an acquaintance tells a much different story.

Mohammed did the same kinds of things ISIS is now doing. If he were judged by modern day standards he’d be labeled a war criminal, a slave holder, a rapist, and a pedophile. A note to President Obama – it isn’t slander if it’s true. Islam is a religion of conquest. It justifies violent behavior to advance its power. Believers are encouraged to kill non-believers. Those who die advancing the cause of Jihad are rewarded with 72 virgins in paradise. Under Islam women are relegated to subservient status. Islam does not reflect modern Western values. Saying so doesn’t make it so.

It’s hard to tell if it’s just massive ignorance or deliberate hypocrisy, but liberals should be outraged at many of the things the religion of Islam calls for, let alone tolerates. During the Maher show a liberal on the panel, Chrystia Freeland, repeated the liberal contention that that you don’t change extreme Muslim perspectives by broadly painting their ideas as bad, to which Maher said, “…killing women for being raped, I would say, is bad.” To say all religions are equally valid might be debatable, but to maintain that all religions are equally in line with modern Western values is ludicrous. Islam certainly isn’t.

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Are there “moderate” Muslims? That depends on what you mean by moderate. If you mean that many, if not most, Muslims wouldn’t deliberately kill an infidel, then sure, there are moderate Muslims. There were “good” Germans during WWII, but like the “moderate” Muslims today who don’t speak out against the fundamentalist Jihadists, those “good” Germans didn’t speak out against the Nazis. Part of it is and was fear of lethal reprisal. However, to be honest, part of it is an implied approval. When crowds of Palestinians danced in the streets when the twin towers came down, that was implied approval. When Turkish soccer fans booed the moment of silence after the Paris attacks, that also was implied approval. That followers of any religion can condone the murder of innocents should be a wakeup call to our political leaders.

Short of a major reformation of Islam, something extremely difficult given the words written in the Quran are literally considered to be the words of Allah as given to his prophet, the West and Islam are inevitable advisories. As with the failure of social progressive economic policies in Western Europe the United States has a window to the danger presented by Muslim who won’t assimilate into our society.

Consider this. In Muslim countries there is no freedom of religion. Try handing out Bibles in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, or Iran for instance. Liberals should be outraged by that. When our political leaders excuse or justify Muslim ideas that are contrary to our own they do a disservice both to us and to those who died to give us our freedom. While the West might be willing to live in peaceful coexistence, the actual words of the Quran will inevitably lead many followers of Islam to convert, by force if necessary, all non-believers. America and the rest of the Western world should recognize this. Sadly, many of our leaders don’t.

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