And Now for Something Completely Different: Good News!

Don’t you get tired of all of the bad news? Intrigues, lies, danger from foreign and domestic terrorists, shenanigans within our government–both the left and the right seem to press against us over and over. Well, “Now for something completely different,” as they used to say on Monty Python. Good news is the subject of this column today. It really didn’t take much work to surf around the internet to find great and near-great stories that are positive and uplifting. Bing is my primary search client that I use to do my searches, and “good news” is what I was looking for. I found these three stories, and I only scratched the surface of “good news” that is available just for the taking.

Bus Driver Saves a Woman from Committing Suicide

A school bus driver, nicknamed Big Country, was driving with a bus loaded with high school kids. As he approached an overpass, he noticed a woman standing on the wrong side of the railing who appeared to be about to jump into the busy highway below. He stopped the bus and approached her to see if he could help, but not before he called 911 and explained what was going on. At first she wouldn’t respond to him, but then he got close enough to her to wrap his arm around her and lift her to safety. Her first words to him were “You smell good.” He later admitted that he had put on some cologne just before he picked up his load of kids. By then the police and even a “crisis counselor” arrived on the scene and took over. When he returned to the bus, he was greeted by a round of applause. Somebody on the bus took pictures and even a video of the whole affair.

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What a lesson in compassion those youngsters on the school bus learned from Big Country.

He’s 91 and she’s 92 and they’re still in love

oldloveHe’s 91 and she’s 92. They have been married for 68 years. They kiss each other 15 times to say “goodnight” every night. He’s now in a hospital bed and the picture shows them holding hands. A grandson is quoted as saying of his grandfather, “I’m hoping to love my wife as deeply and as long as he’s loved his.”

What a legacy! Better than gold!

Warrant Officer enlists strangers to help him say “Happy Anniversary” to his wife

A United States army chief warrant officer, Scott Hinson, returning home from Afghanistan on his 20th wedding anniversary enlisted 19 strangers on the plane to help him wish his wife, Kristi, a “Happy Anniversary” as they deplaned. The USO in Atlanta helped him coordinate the surprise during a plane change there. The USO provided the  20 long stem red roses for Chief Hinson and the flight attendants passed 19 of them out to strangers to give to his wife. His children were in on the event and held up a sign, “Welcome Home Chief Hinson,” that let the people with the roses know to whom to give the roses. The Chief carried the 20th rose to her. Needless to say, there were tears shed and many of the strangers bearing roses gave her an extra hug and a “Happy Anniversary” greeting for Kristi along with the roses they carried. At first she was confused about what was happening, but she finally figured it out and was smiling through her tears. The event was videotaped and has, as they say, gone viral on YouTube.

There. Don’t you feel better? I know I do.


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