Military Heroes of Benghazi Honored

Sadly we may be getting used to the Obama administration lying to us – but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t still outrage us. Especially when it has to do with the deaths of American citizens who were abandoned to die by their government.

Two Special Forces soldiers were honored this week for their heroic action in Benghazi on 9-11-2012… but the very fact that these men are being honored throws doubt onto the “official” White House account of the attack. Sadly because of the duplicity of the Obama White House, the focus of their bravery is the lies that have emanated from the Obama administration and not the the bravery of these fine men.

A couple of new reports add even more suspicion to the official government story of what happened that night.

First, as we reported a couple of days ago, the administration knew full well that Benghazi would soon be attacked and that the consulate was woefully unprotected.


Well, now there’s more.

The Washington Times is reporting that the “official” administration story about not having any support in the vicinity on the night of the attack is not exactly… accurate… For months, administration officials have claimed no special operations forces were dispatched from outside Libya to Benghazi during the Sept. 11, 2012, al Qaeda terrorist attacks on the U.S. diplomatic mission and CIA annex because none was within range… It said time and distance prevented any commandos outside Libya from reaching a CIA compound under attack… Later, the official State Department report on Benghazi said they were “two U.S. military personnel” — but provided no other details. It made no mention of special operations forces.

But sources directly familiar with the attack tell The Washington Times that a unit of eight special operators — mostly Delta Force and Green Beret members — were in Tripoli the night of the attack, on a counter-terrorism mission that involved capturing weapons and wanted terrorists from the streets and helping train Libyan forces… When word of the Benghazi attack surfaced, two members of that military unit volunteered to be dispatched along with five private security contractors on a hastily arranged flight from Tripoli to rescue Americans in danger…

“Yes, we had special forces in Tripoli, and two in fact did volunteer and engaged heroically in the efforts to save Americans,” one source told The Times.

Benghazi4The revelation that some special operations forces did make it to Benghazi the night of the attack is the latest to undermine a carefully crafted story line put out by the president and his aides in the weeks leading into the 2012 election. The administration has since acknowledged that parts of that story line were misleading… The original account misled the public about the role of al Qaeda. The White House falsely asserted that the attacks arose from a spontaneous riot spurred by an anti-Islam video, when the intelligence community had evidence almost immediately that the assault was planned by al Qaeda-linked terrorists.

Not only did the Obama administration lie about what started the attack on Benghazi, they lied about what they could have done to help and about what they actually did that night.

So now we know that most of what the Obama administration has told us about the attack on Benghazi was a lie… in fact not just one lie, but a series of lies.

The questions is, when does someone get prosecuted for all of the lies?

(I’m talking to you, Republican Congressmen…)


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