John McCain Blames Woes on Conservatives

John McCain is really on a roll in recent days. In his grand effort to help the Democrats not look so bad, he keeps attacking his own party. Not only is McCain pushing conservatives to get on board with granting amnesty to the over 11 million illegals currently living in the USA, he also wanted to give conservatives advice on how to win upcoming elections.

“What we have to do is what Bill Clinton did with the Democratic Party, and that is bring people together with common goals and nominate candidates that can win,” he said. “We lost five Senate seats in the last two elections by fielding candidates … that were too extreme.”

I hope you’ll allow me a little bit of anger here. Because this is exactly why we have been losing of late. We did nominate a couple of bad candidates in Delaware and Nevada in recent years. But these candidates are not why we are losing. Men like John McCain and his buddy Lindsey Graham are why we are losing. Our last two Presidential candidates were men exactly like the type McCain says we should be nominating… and yet they were both defeated. In McCain’s case… crushed.

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The recent elections of Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Mike Lee are more evidence that McCain is deluded. These men have done more to advance conservatism in the last two years than McCain has done in the last two decades! Obamcare is unpopular, and people know that the Republicans stood firmly against it because of Ted Cruz. None of the blame can be laid at Republican feet. The NSA is spying on us, and while Barack Obama and John McCain defend the NSA… Rand Paul and Mike Lee speak for the people when they say enough is enough, the NSA must be reined in. Spending in Washington is out of control, and yet the moderates raise the debt ceiling… AGAIN. Republicans know better, Mr. McCain. We are done with you and your liberal proclivities. We choose conservatism.

McCain DemocratMcCain continued with his self-serving grandstanding.

He also criticized Republicans attacking Republicans, without naming any political action committees in particular. “For the first time I’ve ever seen, Republicans are raising money for an organization that is running ads attacking Republicans,” he said. “That is obviously a sign of misplaced priorities.”

Sadly, Senator McCain forgot to mention that he was the man leading the charge in the attacks. He called his conservative colleague’s whacko birds, hobbits and most recently stupid.

The thing that confuses me most about conservatives and the Republican Party is how we’ve allowed ourselves to keep getting snookered by men like John McCain. Men who will tell us one thing when they are running for office, and then do the exact opposite when they win office. John McCain is all about John McCain. Each move he makes is a calculated effort to leave a legacy – sadly, he believes his legacy will help our nation. In reality, John McCain’s ideas and actions are causing irreparable damage to the Republican Party and the American nation.

Seriously, it’s time this dude retires.


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