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Give the Gift that Every Conservative Wants this Christmas!

Our good friend, A.F. Branco, is one of the most talented political cartoonists on the scene today and he has just released his first printed collection of his popular cartoons in book format.

We at Eagle Rising thing Branco’s work is fabulous, which is why we feature it here almost every day, but we also think his work is timely and necessary for our culture today. It’s not just Eagle Rising that is smitten with his work, popular conservative radio host Larry Elder is always raving about Branco’s work too.

Buy your copy of A.F. Branco’s new book – Comically Incorrect here.

“Move over Rembrandt, Picasso, Stan Lee, here comes Branco.  Okay, I’m hyperventilating. Tony combines beautiful drawings with biting politically incorrect wit and laugh out loud humor.” – Larry Elder – TV and Radio personality at at Fox News and KRLM AM 870

Here’s what our friend had to say about his first book hitting the shelves.

I don’t have a huge media mega force to promote my new book to the masses, so basically I have to count on the word of mouth of all my friends who enjoy my creative political excursions to “SHARE” this with their friends far and wide. This book contains some of my best stuff over the last few years. A great Christmas gift for any conservative, or any liberal needing some enlightenment. LOL – please share Thank you!!! ~A.F. Branco

Comicaly Incorrect

Buy your copy of A.F. Branco’s new book – Comically Incorrect here.

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