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Islam Terrorism

German Police Thwart Terror Attack just 4 Days After Paris Attack – Find Ambulance Full of Explosives outside Stadium!


The national soccer teams of Germany and the Netherlands were supposed to meet tonight to play an international friendly. Soccer fans in Hannover might be disappointed that the game has now been canceled, but it’s far better than the outcome we were almost presented with.

The game had to be canceled because authorities discovered an ambulance full of explosives parked suspiciously outside of the stadium just hours before the match.

This latest news came just hours after police found an unidentified object (German media has reported it as a suitcase) in the stadium and were forced to destroy it because of its “suspicious” contents. It was a short while after the suitcase was dealt with that police discovered the ambulance. Early reports seem to indicate that the ambulance arrived at the stadium in “response” to the suitcase threat. It seems that the terrorists are becoming ever more creative, now, using false threats to create opportunities for real mayhem. Authorities are unsure who the focus of the attack was supposed to be, but the game was supposed to be attended by many of Germany’s top politicians. German FA official Reiner Rauball was asked by a reporter of the German team were the terror threat’s target. He said: “We’re not sure if they were the main target. We cannot say yet how this will affect the coming matches. Local interiror minister Boris Pistorius added: “We cannot confirm yet that there were explosives in any ambulance.” Locals snapped pictures of police arresting a man near the stadium in the midst of the confusion in Hannover.

Is this just the beginning of ISIS’s plans for the West? This sure doesn’t seem like ISIS is contained…

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