Republican Law is Losing to Democrat Will

If you have never heard of Pam Geller nor visited her website, Atlas Shrugs, you are missing out on some pretty hard hitting articles. Pam is primarily an apologist for the state of Israel. She also espouses the cause of Moslem women who are victims of honor killings under sharia law. She is a true red, white, and blue American who is incensed with the way our country is being betrayed by the people who swore to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America.

On October 29, 2013, her article entitled: “America’s Civil War: ‘On One Side There Is No Consensus and No Law: Only Sheer Will. On the Other There Is a Body of Legal Traditions Going Back Centuries” If you do nothing else worthwhile today, find and read this article. I have provided a link above.

In the next few paragraphs, I am going to excerpt this article. To get the full impact of the article, you really need to read it and even print it out and read it again and again. She cites a document “The Supersessionists of the Liberal Confederacy” by Daniel Greenfield for much of this article.

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“Can a government be considered in rebellion against a nation’s laws and its established order? That is the bizarre situation we find ourselves in. There is no shot fired at Fort Sumter. Instead a million conspirators tear apart and remake the system in countless ways on a daily basis while the leadership remains in open rebellion of the laws that it is obligated to abide by and enforce.

“The battle between Obama and the Republicans is a sad and pitiful contest for the same reason that a baseball game in which one side plays by the rules and the other races the bases in motorcycles and shoots the balls over the fence with an RPG.

“Ted Cruz has come the closest to understanding that the other side just doesn’t play by any rules, but lacks the leverage to make much of that. Cruz is still a product of a system in which there are rules.

“Law is a consensus….once those same left-wing radicals control much of the system and the media that reports on the system, they have no reason to follow the law.

“The only laws that Obama will follow are those that allow him to do what he wants to do anyway.

“Law is a consensus. But the left rejects that consensus. It subjects each law to an ideological test. If the law meets the ideological test, which is based on social justice criteria entirely foreign to the American legal system, and the practical test of furthering social justice, it can stay. If not, then it will either be struck down or disregarded. (my italics)

“The Republicans, who for the most part are about as radical as a three-piece suit, are fighting to maintain a consensus in which everyone follows the law and settles their disagreements by hammering out a compromise that keeps the system going. And their opponents disregard the consensus and the system and go on doing what they want while defying anyone to stop them.

“A government in rebellion against the laws is one that asserts that no power, not that of tradition, of legal covenants that brought the system into being or even the previous votes of the people, is superior to it.

obama-rules-for-radicals-from-rush1“The unequal contest places liberal rebels looking to trash the system from the top against conservative defenders of an old order fighting from the bottom.

“On one side there is a consensus and no law; only sheer will. On the other side there is a body of legal traditions going back centuries. It’s painfully clear that two such approaches cannot coexist within a single government.

“The radical does not respect process, only outcome. He holds law in contempt, but respects will. While the Republicans debate process, the Democrats steamroll them by focusing only on outcome. Where there is no consensus, then process doesn’t matter.

“The consensus we live by is a fragile thing. It is being torn apart by the radical left and once it is destroyed, it will not bind the right, in the same way that it no longer binds the left.

“And then the true conflict will begin.” (my italics here and just above)

Note that there is no name calling in any of this. This is a dark, dark picture of our present condition, not unlike a prognosis sadly given to a patient with a terminal illness.

My country ’tis of thee

Sweet land of Liberty

Of thee I sing.

Land where my fathers died,

Land of the pilgrims’ pride,

From every mountain side

Let freedom ring.


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