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America Agrees: John Kasich is HORRIBLE

Many conservatives already knew that Ohio Governor John Kasich (R-OH) was an absolute train wreck as a Republican candidate for President, but Tuesday night’s Fox Business debate finally allowed Kasich to jump off the ledge of credibility as a candidate.

While many of us were already disgusted by Kasich for his positions on Obamacare, Medicaid, abortion, gay marriage and a host of other issues, the 4th debate offered us a whole new reason to dismiss him as a candidate. John Kasich actually tried to defend the Bank Bailouts! In a moment that I’d guess Kasich will regret for the rest of his life, he chose to try to take down Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) after Cruz said as President he would NOT bail out the banks. However, instead of offering a “moderate” position, Kasich ended up sounding like a socialist who had no idea how banks actually work (even though Kasich was a banker)! Responding to Cruz’s remarks on bank bailouts, Kasich implied that he would bail out the banks to save the investors from losing their money. But anyone who knows anything about banks knows that most average Americans deposits are insured by the FDIC, so when a bank fails they do not lose their money!

Needless to say, Kasich made a mistake taking on Cruz… and Cruz lets him have it!

Watch starting at about 3 minutes.

Exit quote from Ted Cruz: “Why would you then bail out rich Wall Street banks and not Mom and Pop?” Why indeed, Senator Cruz.

In fact, Kasich had such a bad debate that he scored the worst debate reaction ever from Fox News’ focus group! One of the focus group members went as far as to say that he was the “biggest liberal on the stage” and that he should have been in the Democrat debates!

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