The Blight of Big Government – Bureaucracy Is a Cancer on Society

Social progressives love big government. Conservatives campaign for smaller government, but generally cite just the cost and colossal waste and fraud it incurs. There is a much more insidious danger big government brings with it than that.

Have you ever had a dispute with the IRS? One year they lost the check I’d mailed in to pay the balance of my taxes, but I had to pay the penalties and late fees they assigned when I sent a replacement check. Compared to others who have been mistreated by the IRS I got off easy. Have you ever stood in a long, long line at the DMV or Post Office only to have a clerk close their window because it was break time? Government workers used to be public servants, but they’ve become our masters.

Unelected bureaucrats not only have increasing power and control over our lives, but they do so with escalating arrogance. Lois Lerner’s distain when dared to be questioned by Congress was obvious. Yet she retired with a full six figure pension. Congress may be able to impeach IRS Commissioner John Koskinen who protected Lerner, but the chances of him facing anything more serious than an early retirement are slim to none.

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Which bureaucrat lost their job over Benghazi? The whistle blower in Fast and Furious suffered a greater penalty than those in charge. Firing a public employee is nearly impossible.

Throughout history bureaucrats have sapped the vitality of society. They care for their own self-interest more than for the good of the people. Compare the salaries, retirement plans and job security of public and private workers. Bureaucrats exercise power and control over the rest of us, which is the opposite the qualities of a free society. Sure, the politicians can put forward a bill, like Obamacare, but the politicians don’t write it. Bureaucrats do. All those pages and pages of EPA regulations are written by still more bureaucrats. The IRS tax code is over a million words long! Since no one in or out of government can really know what the laws are regulations are, bureaucrats basically get to decide what is legal. When you get to decide the rules of the game, you win the game. That’s power.

The bureaucracy is too powerful. It undermines our freedom. It is as un-American as anything in the way it behaves. And, yes, there is massive waste and fraud. There are duplicate departments; departments have many more employees that can be justified, and some departments that actually do nothing that is vital or essential. Each department strives to increase its budget, and does so by spending whatever tax dollars they got whether or not they needed to spend them. All of which increases their power and influence.

Our next President and Congress must act to drastically reduce the size of government and the way our bureaucracy works. Doing so will go a long way toward reducing the deficit and help get government out of our lives. Keeping people ignorant by burying the truth in mountains of words is a tool of control. Laws and regulations should be reduced in size and scope so that everyone can easily understand what they mean. Electing a proponent of big government will only increase the power and abuses we see by unelected government officials. As result, our society will be less and less free and our children or grandchildren will live in a totalitarian state, whatever it may be called.

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Nicholas Wishek

Nicholas Wishek. Retired teacher. 40 years classroom experience. Served in California National Guard 6 years. BA in history, MA in education. Married 35 years. Two sons. Many columns published in OC Register 2009-2014.

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