Conservatives Can Save Virginia!

In 2008 Virginia turned blue and voted for President Barack Obama. It is now looking like a more and more difficult task for a Republican to win a statewide election there, and Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli , the Republican candidate needs your help to get the job done. Every major poll in recent days shows the Republican candidate falling behind his Democrat rival, Terry McAuliffe. With only a week to go before Virginian’s vote, it is vital that conservatives across the country come together and help Cuccinelli get across the finish line first!

If you can help – please go here and give to help Cuccinelli get the job done.

You may recognize Terry McAuliffe’s name. That’s because he was a key player in the Clinton White House, so many years ago. He was the Clinton’s most important fundraiser, and he did his job so well that from 2001 – 2005 he was gifted with the chairmanship of the Democratic National Committee. For the first half of the George W. Bush presidency, McAuliffe was President Bush’s chief opponent on all of the major issues.

McAuliffe has no scruples, he only cares about making money and becoming more powerful and influential. All of his life has been dedicated to the goal of gaining influence and power over others, and throughout his life these machinations can be seen.

vagovMeanwhile Ken Cuccinelli has worked hard to make a difference for the people that he has served in every position he’s held. He is a stalwart conservative who loves our country and loves his state. He has fought valiantly for conservative principles in purple Virginia, even as it slides ever more blue. Rand Paul recently stumped through the state with Mr. Cuccinelli and had this to say about his fellow Republican: “Some of you get the Second Amendment, but he gets to decide… What I would like to see for Virginia is a candidate who defends the Second Amendment and will be a champion of the Second Amendment… And you can’t have the Second Amendment unless you’re going to defend the First Amendment and the Fourth Amendment.”

The big difference between the two candidates right now is simply money. McAuliffe has been spending much more than Cuccinelli can on advertising, and it is making all the difference. If we can give the Attorney General a financial boost, maybe – just maybe, we can help him overcome his current poll deficit. McAuliffe would be a disaster for Virginia, while Ken Cuccinelli would be a benefit. Let’s help Virginia stay red. Please give if you can.

If you can help – please go here and give to help Cuccinelli get the job done.


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