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Houston Liberals Lose Bathroom Battle – Now Resorting to Economic Blackmail!

The LGBT+ community and the Lesbian mayor of Houston got trounced in Tuesday’s election of a bill that would have allowed men who thought they were women to use women’s bathrooms, showers, and locker rooms. It was sold as an equal rights ordinance.

Refusal to follow the law would have meant fines of up to $5000.

We’ve seen by a government ruling that an Illinois high school is being forced to allow a boy who thinks he’s a girl to use the girls’ locker room.

Failure to follow this new government edict will mean the school will lose federal funding that was taken from tax payers to be used as educational blackmail. It’s the way all federal dollars are used. If a state or county does not comply with some federal law or judgment by a judge, federal dollars are withheld.

After the huge loss in Houston over the bathroom ordinance, the LGBT+ economic terrorists along with the lesbian mayor are threatening an economic boycott.


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