The Iranian Nuclear Deal and the Iranian Revolutionary Sissies

Well…I guess Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran was a good one.  We had to accommodate those savage creeps because they are basically fun-loving folks and we can’t ignore them in this modern age… since we’re both members of the World Community …and so forth. Right? Sure. Of course.

Besides …they are very scary. In fact, they have explained to the world how they could…if they wanted to…destroy all of America’s armed forces in a week.  If they wanted to. Which, thankfully, they don’t want to do yet. Aren’t you glad? The very thought makes me all weak in the knees. They could also destroy the Israeli Defense Force in only one measly little 24 hour period. Actually, I think the boast was “a day” which could mean only an eight hour work day. And if it was a “government union” day with the coffee breaks deducted, the destruction could be finished in …what?…3.5 hours? When you consider these things you understand why Obama and his Troll of State, John “Ketchup” Kerry, gave away the store in the Iranian Nuclear Deal.  They were both fearful.  Nothing new.

But, of course, neither Obama nor Kerry had the benefit of foreseeing how the cream of Iran’s Revolutionary military would actually fare in real combat. The cowardly geniuses of this administration would never have guessed how the best of Iran’s soldiery would get their collective backsides kicked around by ISIS last week in a pitched battle near the city of Aleppo in Syria (?).

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You should expect to see lots of disembodied Iranian soldiers’ heads on television…unless you watch big media American TV. They censor anything out that tends to shine any light on Obama and his inept (or treasonous) minions and stooges.

Iran 11-3-2015a

The Iranian failure in battle makes me think of an old guy’s statement made during the height of the Cold War. I worked around the “old guy,” George Huddleston, on the south side of Indianapolis while I was in college. He thought the Ruskies were all bluff and bluster. I once heard him mutter “The Russians have got two gas stations in all of Moscow… and we’re scared to death of ‘em.” Old George was right. The scary Russian Empire later collapsed with a whimper under the financial difficulties of its own making.

George was guessing, I assumed, because maybe the Russians were well armed, scary…and crazy. But, now we’ve seen the Iranians in action. Their best and bravest(?). They are the weakest sort of paper tiger. So what are you waiting for …Obama? Repudiate the Iranian Nuclear Deal. You will look cowardly and weak…but the rest of the World is used to that. Nothing new.

For that matter, I wonder if the Iranian ayatollah’s brag about our own military forces referred to a French “work week?” That would mean they would have the job done in…what? three…maybe three and a half days?

Ps: Am I the only one…or did it bother anybody else that Jimmy Carter always mispronounced “nuclear?”  This in spite of the fact he had been a nuclear sub driver in the Navy.  I just always chalked it up to liberalism. Ultimately, they are always strange and hard to understand somehow.

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