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Universities Pour Money into Democrat Coffers: 5 of 6 Donations from Top 50 Colleges Went to Democrats!


I suppose that this isn’t much of a surprise, is it?

According to the FEC, five out of six donations from university professors went to Democrats. Hillary raised the lion’s share with $917K. That’s a lot of moolah. The highest raking Republican was Jeb Bush.

And even though he has pulled out of the race, Harvard Law prof. Lawrence Lessig pulled in the fourth largest dollar total from his fellow profs. at $23,785. That’s more than double Marco Rubio’s total and nearly triple Ted Cruz’s haul.

Democrat candidates have been overwhelmingly successful at soliciting political donations at universities nationwide. Five out of six dollars donated to presidential campaigns from the top fifty national universities have gone to Democrat candidates.

Over 1,200 faculty, staff, and students at the top fifty universities as ranked by the U.S. News and World Report have made contributions to presidential campaigns so far this election cycle. Filings released by the Federal Electoral Commission on October 16 reveal that together, their donations amount to $1.3 million so far this election cycle.

Of that $1.3 million in political donations, over $1.1 million went to Democratic candidates.

Hillary Clinton alone raised $917,591, or roughly 70 percent of the total amount. Clinton has been performing particularly well among Ivy League universities, where she received over 87 percent of all donations.

Clinton also did very well among high-dollar donors at the universities. Her campaign has received 246 maximum individual contributions of $2,700. By contrast, the second-highest number of maximum contributions went to Jeb Bush at only 22.

While Clinton raised the most funds across faculty, staff, and students, the levels of donations varied across groups. University employee donors were slightly more conservative than students. Only 13 out of 119 student donors gave to Republicans, or 11.9 percent. University employees gave to Republicans at a rate of 14.4 percent.

Administrators formed the most liberal group among donor affiliates. Clinton alone received 80 percent of administration contributions. All in all, 92.25 percent of administrator giving went to Democrat candidates.

The most conservative group was medical professionals at university-affiliated hospitals, where only 71.47 percent of donations went to Democrats. Former physicians Ben Carson and Rand Paul did relatively well among this group, where each both earned about 5 percent of donations.

Faculty members, the largest donor group, donated to Democrats to the tune of 85 percent.Campus Reform reported last week that their peers at the top fifty liberal arts colleges donated to Democrats at the much higher rate of 99.51 percent.


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