Philadelphia Embraces Socialist Education

Howard Zinn became culturally relevant when a pair of his fans made a popular movie that referenced his most important work.

Matt Damon’s character in Good Will Hunting references Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States in a session with his psychiatrist, played by Robin Williams. Williams replies by asking if Damon has read Noam Chomsky’s Manufacturing Consent. It is telling that the two books brought up in the scene are both written by strident socialists, and both books are written from a socialist perspective.

Zinn’s book in particular is a “revisionist” history of our nation, and is an important read, only in the sense that it allows us to see what is important to the left.

Sadly, as liberal governments begin taking almost absolute power in cities across our country we’ll see more of them do exactly as Philadelphia is trying to do now. The city of Philadelphia is moving forward with a plan that will make Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States the main textbook in some of their history classes. Philadelphia’s city council recently passed a resolution calling for the Zinn book to be added as a textbook in Philadelphia city schools. The issue will now move to the School Superintendent and the school board for final approval. The city council vote will hold some sway, but the final say is in the hands of the school board.

Zinn’s book is lauded in far-left circles, but many conservative thinkers believe his self-described “history” is really social activism masquerading as fact. Former Indiana Republican Gov. Mitch Daniels believed strongly that the book had no place in K-12 classrooms–an opinion that landed him in trouble with liberal academics when he started his new job as president of Purdue University… “We must not falsely teach American history in our schools,” said Daniels in a statement defending his opposition to Zinn’s work. “Howard Zinn, by his own admission a biased writer, purposely falsified American history. His books have no more place in Indiana history classrooms than phrenology or Lysenkoism would in our biology classes or the `Protocols of the Elders of Zion’ in world history courses.”

zinn2The Philadelphia city council is so deluded that they actually believe that Zinn’s accounting of our nation’s history is an accurate depiction of what has transpired over the last 250-plus years. This is simply another example of the road that liberalism has led us down, where people willingly delude themselves into believing whatever crackpot notions they choose without any evidence to support their beliefs. The prophets of liberalism have spoken and said that Zinn’s work is important, and though the evidence clearly shows that his book is full of misinterpretation, obfuscation, half-truths and outright lies… the liberal leaders will continue to cram it down the throats of the uneducated masses.

This is what apathy brings us – uneducated people being misinformed by corrupt, power hungry demigods of politics for their own nefarious purposes (mainly to gain more power or more money).

Educate yourselves, dear readers, it might be trite, but its true… knowledge is power.

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